He is technically Eu's servant

Zombie Girl Sexy Show Tease

She could easily defeat everybody introduced thus far. Another vampire ninja from a faction which rivals Seraphim's who fights Megalo with bowls of pork ramen. Both she and Ayumu share the bodyguarding responsibility for her.

She reveals that her ownShe gets slightly better in

She reveals that her own comrades did this to her after Sarasvati had put a hit on her as punishment for abandoning her mission to assassinate Eu. He disappears with a satisfied smile after Eu finally allows him to die. She gets slightly better in that the food will retain it's original shape if she tries hard enough.

He disappears with a satisfied smile

Vampire ninja maid, who uses fire. And she took the world by storm. He also gets one with a flower in the first ending theme and a bunch more in the Of the Dead's ending theme.

And she tookVampire ninja maid who uses

View or edit your browsing history. Can be mistaken for a boy, depending on what she's wearing. In the rare moments in which she lets her emotions out, it becomes clear Eu is actually a very sweet girl.

Chance to win daily prizes. Subverted due to her lack of chest. They still are, even if Yoruno already wants to die and Eu is far too unwilling to end his misery. She is the serial killer responsible for killing Ayumu. Despite being a zombie, he looks, acts and thinks like normal people and sunlight dries him out.

He also gets one with a