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Future Mi Rae is struggling to leave the hospital and is being restrained by the staff. Oppa asks what Mi Rae needs to learn and Miranda says cooking and flower arrangement, to which Oppa says Mi Rae already knows how to do those things.

Future Mi Rae wakes up and is confused. Se Joo tells Mi Rae to get some rest and leaves. Giving Se Joo more screen time with Mi Rae but without making her suddenly love him back just killed both their characters. As she walks past the display, Shin walks over and picks up the same book with a smile. Mi Rae says future Mi Rae feels like a long lost twin and when she sees future Mi Rae hurt she hurts.

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She sees her coffee prince Gong Yoo? Se Joo asks how she would feel to give it all up to marry him? If so, did future Shin get resurrected? Miranda watches it in the boardroom and demands Se Joo be brought to her.

They bid each other farewell and walk off on divergent paths. She spots her crown prince Joo Ji Hoon? So this Christmas Eve, validating json response type they could also run into each other with the possibility of rekindling things.

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Se Joo asks him to drive him somewhere. Mi Rae hands the new script to Writer Bae and Yoo Kyung and begs them to help her air this segment tomorrow. Miranda chews out Se Joo for what he did and asks how he is going to take responsibility. The program ends and everyone happily congratulates each other. Now she wants to do something for him and its not something money can buy.

Se Joo calls Oppa and tells him to run the segment. He got money and fame and became news anchor, head of the news department, head of the network.

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Why should she since he was so mean to her. It was about how choice can change how outcomes, not about making different choices to avoid problems. Mi Rae goes to Se Joo to get permission to air this segment and he refuses.

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