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Water shortage areas in bangalore dating, bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board

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Each lake stores rainwater from its catchments with excess flows spilling downstream into the next lake in the cascade. Reuse of wastewater should be introduced in all possible places for gardening, washing vehicles and bathrooms. How Bangalore tackles this issue is going to be critical, as the same model can be used to solve the water crisis in other cities which are on the verge of urbanization. However, if this water is treated and brought back into the system, there will be no shortage of water in the city and Vishwanath believes this is doable within two months.

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Dealing with water shortage in Bangalore

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He said the government is preparing to tackle the water crisis and instructions have been given to use water sparingly for drinking purposes only. Till almost my teenage, I took water for granted, because we lived in a secure Government township, who has bethany joy lenz dating where water supply was never a problem.

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Anything which can help rejuvenate and revive our natural resources must be done, today and now. Unwieldy increase of bore-wells should be checked immediately. Today, we seem to have forgotten their wisdom.

The summer duration too has increased and Bangalore which used to get rains almost thrice a year suffers from failure of rains very often. Once, we came out and started living in a busy locality in Bangalore, I realized after all everybody is not lucky to get uninterrupted supply of water and power! On the whole, Bangalore has become a big mess. However, the local authorities claim that Bangalore only has live lakes. Two additional mini-plants have been built near Madiwala and Kempambudi.

Each apartment has its own private swimming pool. The local authorities must swing into action in order to ensure this ingenious solution is implanted at a time of a crisis like this one. The kind that match the royal lifestyles. Ramachandra is determined to get the bureaucracy to act before it is too late. Currently, rainwater harvesting is mandated by the government of Karnataka only within Bengaluru city limits.

The bleak picture of drought-hit Karnataka

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Akvopedia Dealing with water shortage in Bangalore When I first heard that two-thirds of our body is made of water, I was stunned. Rainwater flows into the drainage causing floods in the lower areas. In most of the public toilets, the flush lever never works and people mess up the seat and the surrounding areas. The state is also facing an increase in pollution of groundwater in many areas. Today, even huge complexes cement the entire surrounding areas.

Land encroachers should be severely punished. Since the landscape is dotted by concrete structures, the rain water runs off into drains without seeping through the soil, thereby severely depleting the underground water resources. Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter and Facebook to join the discussion, and explore our archive here Topics. It is stunning to see that most of the prominent stadiums like the Kanteerava Stadium, the Football Stadium and the Hockey Stadium and many of the residential localities stand over murdered lakes.

This is the story across Karnataka. Even the remaining lakes are in fairly advanced state of deterioration.

Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board

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The low rainfall has also taken a toll on power generation in the state. Is India's smart cities project a recipe for social apartheid? It is sad that such a beautiful city, blessed by nature has been destroyed so much.

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