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So, Alex makes a clone of Harper to spend time with. Both Alex and Justin disguise themselves as Max to try to get it changed back and Max catches them. Rosie, realizing she was deceived by Gorog as well, comes to her senses and tries to get Justin to run away to save him, but Justin refuses. Meanwhile, Maxine is forced by Harper to have a slumber party, since Harper never had a slumber party. Jerry and Theresa rush to her side, caring for Maxine more than they care that Justin beat Maxine in karate.

Mason takes her to a werewolf holiday to meet his parents. After the parents find out they try to eat her and Mason and Alex make a near escape.

Alex finds this out with the help of Tina a guardian angel in training when she goes to the Angel Realm. So, they they decide put on puppet show to get money. Alex finds out, so Mason takes her to the annual werewolf Autumn Moon Festival. Meanwhile, Even though it was supposedly lost Justin and Zeke's Robot has arrived and Zeke thinks it is evil but, Justin won't believe him. But, When Alex doesn't keep up her end of the bargain she and Harper have a fight.

The Wizards fail but Rosie and Justin start dating. In the end Justin does a spell and changes his parents back to parents. So, they find Lucy, a Ghost who is heart broken after her boyfriend disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle. His presence causes Mason to get really jealous and he somehow accidentally eats Dean. Meanwhile, Zeke makes plans to wrestle Macho by persuading Justin to use his magic to turn him into a contender.

However, Mason shows up late and sees Alex and Chase flirting together. So, Alex and Harper try to set her up with Justin but she ends up going on a date with Mason. They decide to take the Apartment only to find Mason living there.

The rest of the wizarding world doesn't exactly take well to it. Too fast for Maxine, Justin beats her, and Maxine is hurt physically.

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Puppetmaster Full Movie

Then Max does another spell and they become teenagers. When the time comes to leave, Alex, Justin and Max choose to stay behind and use their magic to blast into space and try to save the world from the asteroid. Justin goes against her, but seeing that he would lose, Alex casts a spell on Justin to make him a karate master.

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Unfortunately one of their attempts turns the Prof. They use Maxine's charms to make them go.

Justin takes Maxine to her Max's karate class and Maxine kicks Justin's butt. She gets upset at Mason and demands him to take her to his real parents. They suggest he move the wizard competition up and he moves it to a few days away.

After Max and Justin receive good fortunes, Alex decides to get a fortune despite her father's warning. With paparazzi in tow, Chase Riprock visits the lair to congratulate Alex. Appalled by both of their behaviors that evening, Alex chooses neither and breaks up with Mason.

Max joins a sophisticated wizard society. Alex soon breaks up the fight, and is forced to choose either Mason or Chase. Meanwhile, Max comes up with an idea to open a Waverly Sub Station in the wizard world.

The trio is shocked when Alex's fortune tells her to say goodbye to her life. Laritate lives in their apartment building. She begins to leave and he says that he truly loves Alex to his parents and she is a wizard. Alex and Justin transform into Max in an attempt to change the date of the family wizard competition back to it's original date and succeed.

Later, Mason and Alex watch his gossip segment, and to their horror, Keith Keith confirms that Chase and Alex are dating. Alex, Justin, and Max have to travel inside Mason to rescue Dean before he's digested. Justin leaves, and Alex leaves after him, haiti observateur jude celestin is dating heartbroken. Alex tries to help Harper get her drivers license.

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Unfortunately, it only makes Maxine cuter, which makes her furious. Not wanting to spend time alone, Alex uses magic to create a Harper clone to hang out with.

They cast spells on Maxine, Justin using the spell he used on Max that turned him into Maxine, and Alex using the reverse spell. More jealous than ever, Alex comes back with Justin to Maxine's karate class with their parents, having a slight idea of knowing how to change Maxine back to Max.

Alex the Puppetmaster

The night of the awards banquet, Mason stands Alex up, leaving her devastated. In order to reverse the misfortune, Zelzar the fortune teller convinces Alex to let him out to spend a day at the beach. But, Reports make it seem like she is dating Chase which makes Mason jealous.

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She investigates and finds the real reason, as well as the owner of the most powerful wand in Wizard history. Meanwhile, Felix's wand is stolen. He steals a special compass from the Angel Realm known as the Moral Compass, and now the leader of dark angels, Gorog, wants to destroy Justin since he's an outsider. Justin crosses over to the dark side with Rosie and becomes an Angel of Darkness, breaking his wand. Max quits the society because he finds out that they are taking advantage of him.

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Chase purposely invites himself to sit at the Russo's table. Meanwhile, Justin tries to motivate some wizards.

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Alex, Justin and Max must use their wizard powers together to defeat Gorog. Soon after that Alex finds out he told his parents that she is a werewolf and uses a spell to change herself into a werewolf. Alex, Justin, Max, and Harper make a compromise with Zelzar - if they can extract him from the machine and let him enjoy a day at the beach, he will take back Alex's fortune. Alex, Justin and Max learn from Professor Crumbs that they must use their wizard powers together to defeat Gorog and the dark side. But, When Zeke thinks he is a wizard, Harper tells Alex she needs to help him the truth or she will do it her self.

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But it turns out that mortals and werewolves can't date because the werewolf always eats the human so they ha e to break up. Meanwhile, Max might loose his girlfriend when Thalia's parents don't like his parents. With angel wings, Alex tries to convince Justin that he should not be an Angel of Darkness, because in his heart he was a good wizard. Instead of going against the person she was supposed to, she demands that she kicks either Alex or Justin's butt.