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It makes envy, hostility hate and war, more prominent than cooperation, compassion and care for others. We are actually standing here with a living brain that can accommodate more possible connections between brain neurons and group of brain cells, than there are stars in the universe! And what amazingly unique brains and nervous systems we humans are in possession of!

In Buddhism the idea that everything in this universe is connected with everything else, has been the mindset for thousands of years. From the position of Our own Self in the Universe, we can just as easily experience ourselves as the very center of it, as the rest of the universe just revolves around us. Which means that both micro and macro levels, are considered truly related, although this is not necessarily visible to us in our everyday life. When is enough enough, and more and more,- only less?

This potential for sure, can express itself both in a positive and a negative direction. In a social perspective, it seems absolutely necessary. How we experience ourselves situated in the world and the universe, however, seems clearly related to how our consciousness and self-awareness has evolved. How big is Your Universe, ceo dating site and where do you place yourself in it?

What a fantastic earth we live on! Within this self development, there has also followed a corresponding sense of self, and an experience of identity, relatively separate from others. Contribution from each side seem therefore necessary. That this very often misunderstood competitive and violent self-preservation, blocks the expression of our real potential as human beings!

In most respects, this is both healthy and appropriate. Particularly does this apply within the same family, between relatives and between couples. Where does Your Self start, and where does it stop? Here comes a full time video from the onset of Our time to the present day.