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When a patient with bone fracture approaches him, first he should stop the wastage of blood by blocking the required nerves. Dealing with Fractures Varmaani should have knowledge about bone structure and joints. Besides it promotes effective life-style management, he said.

Varmakalai is the master of all arts

By stimulating these energies those areas or organs can again be activated or revitalized. To heal the fracture, the dressing should allow path for proper air circulation and also should have provision to administer herbal oils to cure the wounds. So far, of them have learned the art. The technique in which the dressing is done varies depending up on the location on the fracture. Then varmaani should apply Puzhimuthu Adangal to stimulate the Kalai Nerves major nerves through which pranic energy flow in the body.

Recent Enquiries on Pain Management Specialists

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In addition, internal medicines should also be prescribed to the patient. At this point, varmaani can notice the patient starting to regain the consciousness and tiredness being reduced. Based on the area in the body that was affected, the varmaani should know the diseases that might arise in the future. Varmaani should start the diagnostics by observing the color of cornea and the color of the teeth of the patient. According both internal medication and external medication should be prescribed.

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Varmam Therapy Course in Bangalore

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Suresh said that nearly patients receive varmam treatment each month at the institute. The ancient practice of treating patients for various ailments by activating the vital points in the body called Varmam Kalai is gaining ground in the state. Then Thiravukozh method to open varmam should be applied to release the affected varmams.

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Then, varmaani should apply the proper Thadavazh Murai massaging techniques. Then on applying Nasiyam in patient's nose or using blowing techniques in patient's nose or ears, the patient will completely regain consciousness. The overdose of medicines and steroids made her very uncomfortable. Then varmaani checks the flow in Vata, Pita, and Kapha nadis.

The basic objective of the varmam system of medicine is to stimulate these points using palms, fingers, etc. Such treatment should consider the varmams located in nerves, muscles and bones. This time around it is not only Siddha practitioners who seem keen on learning the therapy, but allopathic doctors too are open to practicing it along with their standard treatment procedures. If he is satisfied with the flows in these nadis, varmaani should proceed to the next step in the treatment. Now, varmaani should apply the Kavzhi Adangal Adangal - technique in which pressure points are tuned in specific pattern to regulate blood flow, the civil wars are they dating temperature and pranic flow in the patient's body.

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Meanwhile, ayurveda doctors have been trained in the art. The points where this energy resides in the body are identified as varmam points. Techniques like Thadaval Murai and Thirumal Murai should be done at least for three consecutive days to give relief from varmam related injuries.