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Single, and much to her confusion, she takes a more than comfortable attraction to him. She transfers to Meiai later in the game and joins your class, disguised with eyeglasses and new hairstyle, seeking to graduate from college and abandon her much popularized life. The game is played through a series of virtual days, consecutively spanning three months. Mayumi can be a handful with her habitually spitfire personality, however she is kind and sensitive.

She is a nursing student living off-campus. He enjoys video games and is quite knowledgeable, especially about the girls who populate the college. With a history for low grades and procrastination, she takes deep concern for his academic development in her classes, counseling him to maintain his studies and do his homework.

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Athletic to the core, Chiemi is a robust, competitive, steadfast character with a love for exercise and a fear of caterpillars. Intended to be more of a romantic sim dating game, it is suitable for a wide age range. The story revolves around the main characters in the game-by reading this story, who is alanis morissette dating now individuals wishing to play the sim game can find the game cheats within the context of the story. All cheat codes for this game can be entered multiple times by going back to the cheat option the code last entered would be present in order to make multiple entries quicker.

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On top of his quest to find a girlfriend, Daisuke is also indecisive about what direction to go in his academics. It is revealed later on however, that she is actually an angel from Heaven, sent down to Earth by God to retrieve a relic she dropped and lost. Their beginning acquaintances are initially bitter and fierce but they gradually warm up to each other and become friends. She is the captain of the girls swim team. She is formally introduced to Daisuke through Mikae and takes an interest in him when his concentration in art increases.

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Her first impression of you is an endearing one, however frequent workouts and visits to her ultimately get her attention. This state is important for doing activities i. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in economics and politics from the University of Kent.

Although she can be meddlesome, Mikae is the most down-to-earth, well-rounded of girls to court with no overall preferences. As part of her punishment, Anze transforms into a cat after ten days of searching, though this can be stagnated if Daisuke finds the item himself.

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In spite of her alibis and defense, she can often be found wandering around sex shops downtown. Her father, a physician, operates the clinic at Daisuke's college and even visits as a fill-in nurse. She attends an all-girl's college and takes a deep admiration for Daisuke when he rescues her from drowning.