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Matias is motivated by his devotion to the police, Neto is avid for more action, and Fabio is just trying to avoid Oliveira. From a vantage point, Neto uses the telescope of a sniper rifle to check on the officers as they talk to some drug traffickers. Mathias and Neto leave the scene.

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Neto is soon tired of working at the autoshop, but fails to be transferred to another department. He despises Matias for his defense of police officers. In the end, Matias insults her and her friends and walks away, ending their relationship.

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There were many fans of the original novel and film who felt that the Portuguese-English translation was poor and did not follow the film and vice versa. As Baiano continues to plead to not be shot in the face, the screen fades to black just as Matias's shot is heard. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. She dislikes Nascimento's frequent absence from home and the dangers associated with his job.

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The duo succeeds in stealing the money, but Oliveira finds out about their involvement and punishes them by demoting both to cooks at the battalion's kitchen. Back to college, Matias is rejected by Maria and her friends after his exposure as a cop. Because the operation requires daily trips into the favela filled with heavily armed criminals, Nascimento strongly opposes it, but is forced by his commander to accept it as his last mission. Angrily amused at Baiano's pleading, despite his horrific crimes, Nascimento grabs a shotgun and hands it over to Matias, wanting him to finish Baiano off as both to avenge Neto, and prove himself. Fabio declines, since he will not have a share in it.

The three of them smoke marijuana regularly provided by Edu, who serves as a drug dealer at the university. Neto shoots one of them and provokes a deadly gunfight between police and thugs, both sides unaware of where the bullet came from. After rescuing the officers, he meets Matias and Neto and orders them to bring the local lord's body down to the base of the slum, eurotelevizia online dating during which Matias is photographed by the press. He is a resourceful and calculating tactician.

Tropa De Elite - Intro

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Maria Ribeiro as Rosane Nascimento - Nascimento's wife. She befriends Matias and falls in love with him, but when Baiano finds out that he is a cop, she abandons him for lying to her and because she fears Baiano's retribution. The cut, which included English title cards but no subtitles, was leaked from the company responsible for subtitling the film, resulting in one person being fired and a criminal investigation. He is a tough man, but has a fierce temper as well, and never gives up on his mission.

In order to move into his new position he needs to find a worthy successor. Many candidates quit the program, including Fabio, but Neto and Matias reach the final level, where they are brought into Nascimento's final operation. However, upon returning home, Neto informs Matias that he has been invited for a job interview in a prestigious law firm that will conflict with his meeting with Romerito. Meanwhile, Nascimento's son, Rafael, is born. Fabio escapes and Neto and Matias, unexperienced and underarmed, are soon cornered by the thugs.