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Through the Eyes of Another. So, fast-forward to September when Knepper introduces me to ff.

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And, for whatever reason, she was interested in me. But then this idea just slammed into me out of nowhere. The writing came so easily because I was in that very early phase where you're constantly getting better.

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It was like this dark haze had lifted, like a clamp that had been wrapped around my head for the past nine months had suddenly released. Then it happened, early in January. Being around a person who is attracted to you when you're single and also attracted to them is kind of like being high.

Basically, it was just Halo but from the perspective of a Marine called Alex Steele. But we'll get to that in a minute. But that's where we'll end this part.

It was discovering the holy fucking grail for me. It was pretty stupid and short but it was done.

There was a QuickTrip within sight of the front yard, so that was awesome. It was like watching my life turn to ashes. It was basically just a rip off of The Thing, but happening on this outpost on a distant forest planet.

It was very difficult to write, but I have to say that at that time I was coming up with some fucking bizarre ideas. Lusher Part Three - This segment of time was probably the darkest of my life. That's relative, all of Belton kind of sucks. When I started writing, there were maybe, I dunno, fan fictions overall for Halo, most of them about the Master Chief.

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And there's kind of a nice symmetry to it. We tried to keep talking but ultimately I had to stop talking to her near the end of December because it was just too painful. And I thought, what happened to it before it was an arena? It was called Full Arsenal and it was basically a rip-off of some of Ringshadow's work.

We spent most of the weekend talking and shared e-mails. It happened at the end of May. He had his own reasons for being extremely miserable that time. Which, it turns out, was just fine for both of us.

She lived in California and I lived in Missouri. That same convention that I met the original girl at, way back then, well I was still going to that convention yearly. Your best friend in the whole world now lives with you. Then we moved to a house in a quieter, slightly more upscale part of town.

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But, eventually, it passed. Before, we'd lived in a duplex in a kind of shitty part of town. Not to mention I probably had atrocious grammar and storytelling techniques. When I told Knepper about it, he told me I had to do it, so I did it.

It was a prequel to Perfect Dark, taking place six months before the campaign and featuring a security guard at Lucerne Tower the first three levels. And, barely a month later, I met my wife.

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Also, it being winter, me and Knepper were watching John Carpenter's The Thing again, because that's one of the greatest horror films ever created. Then, I wrote a story called Owen Frost, self liquidating premiums examples of letters Helljumper.

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To this day I'm still kind of socially awkward and I'm still not much to look at. She was fantastic, a huge nerd, ridiculously beautiful and clearly very smart and friendly. He's a miserable shell of a man and he ends up helping them deal with some new threat. Anyway, this made me extremely depressed because, suddenly, it was like, I had had a view of what it was like to hang out with a girl that was into me, something I'd never had before.

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