The Golfing Machine By Homer Kelley

John, Good stuff Where does right arm swinging fall into the equation? Also can you swing and hit and the same time and is this recommended? That biomechanical motion also causes the right hand, and therefore the clubhead, to move upwards-and-inside-and backwards.

The left wrist is bent-back dorsiflexed and that causes the clubshaft to angle more towards the right, rather than being more parallel to the ball-target line. However, Troy Matteson's right-leaning appearance is due to the fact that his he has shifted his pelvis more left-laterally - note that the outer border of his left pelvis is outside his left foot. Although this chapter is hard to grasp alone, I am sure the resources I have provided below will clarify adequately. This folding action allows the club to swing over the left shoulder and behind the back. Author demonstrating the left arm flying wedge alignment.

Note that the clubshaft is in a straight-line planar relationship with the left forearm red dotted lines and note that the left wrist is geometrically flat. Your body aims parallel to the Target line.

Your club head should feel like a weight on the end of a rope as you swing it down and through your impact with the ball. Note that his right forearm flying wedge correctly supports his left arm flying wedge like the wing strut of a small Cessna airplane supporting the wing. You just trust centrifugal force and let it rotate the clubface, no matter what happens. If the butt end of the club points inside the inner limit of the base of the triangle, then the backswing clubshaft angle is too steep.

The Golfing Machine

The Golfing Machine

The DIY Golfer

Note how a large shoulder turn can torque the upper thoracic spine slightly leftwards. Your right knee remains in its flexed position, reacting to and passively supporting your weight shift throughout the entire back swing.

He hung out with the local tennis pros and over the years became very proficient with the game. To better understand this point, consider the following photo. Note that he doesn't sway his head and upper torso to the right. It should feel like you are pulling the your arms with rotating torso, and pulling the club with your grip at the end of your extended arms. The palms will be facing each other and can be brought together easily.

During that time we would often go together to a driving range across from the University of Washington. Discover the benefits of the Flat Left Wrist, shaft loading and educated hands and cut your scores in half! Without conscious thought, you would rotate your upper torso clockwise so that you could more easily reach for the glass of wine.

Secondly, it allows a golfer to keep the clubshaft on-plane throughout the entire backswing. Desired end-backswing position - capture image from the author's swing video lesson.

Note that his right elbow is bending folding more at the same time. This should give you a precise idea of your ideal position relative to the ball. The longer the club, the flatter the plane more horizontal and shorter clubs will describe a steeper plane. The research also mapped out the biomechanics of the short game and putting. Exact science is knowledge, so arranged that prediction and verification by experiment are possible.

The Golfing Machine by Homer Kelley

Obviously this is far too complex for an average player to sort through. Then you actively drive your right arm in a typical hitting motion. It also talked about the advantages of each method. Left wrist cupping due to a bent left wrist - capture image from a swing video. The left arm flying wedge is deemed to be intact if the clubshaft is always in a straight-line planar relationship with the left forearm.

These e-mail messages have also made me feel that the thousands-of-hours that I have spent working on this golf website has been a worthwhile, albeit labor-intensive, endeavour. With the companions I want to be with. At the same time the extension exerted on your left thumb through your right palm rotates your shoulders around your axis to the top of your back swing.

Your shoulders should be passive and remain cocked until they are pulled forward by centrifugal force as the stored energy is released during and immediately after impact. One could look at this same table and conclude that it's Jamie Sadlowski's shoulder turn of degrees that is primarily responsible for his long driving distance carry of yards.

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What is the purpose of the backswing action? Sean O'Hair is a good example of a golfer who uses a vertical-centralised backswing action.

Homer Kelley, singlehandedly solved the mystery of the golf swing and documented it for all to read. Homer Kelley was a smart man, and his work illustrates this. Homer recognised there were different ways to achieve the desired impact alignments required to play golf at a respectable level. Kelley's lengthy research inquires. Most of the photos come from books or magazines, while a smaller number come from screen captures of single-frame images from swing videos.

In the two next articles of this series, we will explain how to successfully perform a Swing or a Hit and the distinctive ingredients of both. It will then go straight if the club face has closed to square to the start line at ball separation. This pressure point feels the motion and force of your swing, as your fingers rest softly against the back of the grip. As your hips rotate around your axis, the left shoulder will hinge across the chest due to the cocking motion of your right elbow. This website consists of three sections.

The base is the hitting stroke with its active right arm. When you cock your right elbow it causes your left arm to be raised. Why does this happen naturally in an one-piece takeaway action? You may not spot it on video as the right forearm takeaway will still make my body turn!

And with that, the wolf among us game The Golfing Machine was born. Trivia About The Golfing Machine. Homer found himself traveling more and more to teach and present the concepts in The Golfing Machine.

The Golfing Machine ExplainedThe DIY Golfer

Homer Kelley Golf Instruction

The Golfing Machine by Homer Kelley

The hinge formed by your left shoulder allows your extended left forearm to lag behind the rotation of the torso. At this end-backswing position, the back of the left hand will be facing the sky. Note that he has small degree of rightwards spinal tilt at address green dotted line and that his head is behind the center of his stance red-arrowed line. Michael Bennett and Andy Plummer review paper. For instance, longitudinal and radial acceleration of the club shaft the secondary lever assembly are mutually exclusive.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Your Club head moves outward along the arc of this circle and impacts the golf ball resting tangent to the arc, upon the line of line of flight. Note how his eye-line straight line drawn between the pupils of both eyes remains horizontal to the ground. You must create speed in your rotating torso that can be multiplied by the leverage in your swinging arms and the golf club.