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More titles to consider

Both of them were snoring softly, and Arlen had her mouth slightly open, her rosebud lips pinker than normal. His piercing, blue-green eyes. He whipped off his dark glasses, and his aquamarine eyes tore the air out of my lungs once more. The dish he brought was a wood platter piled high with different meats, cheeses, and an assortment of olives and other pickled dishes. We walked in through a garden patio, where small waterfalls trickled over pebbled walls and women in jeweled cocktail dresses laughed softly over glasses of white wine.

That was a first step towards finding a guy I could stand to date. Emma blamed herself for getting knocked up by a guy who ran away. How can people even read this? His chest, broad and muscled, turning me against the wall. My blood pulsed in my temples as my skin turned bright red.

He is also mysterious- there is something about him that is deep. When the shirt was over my head, he adjusted it at the waist. The waiter bowed and left. There was a reason I was here, after all. This whole night had been crazy.

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The Freaking Billionaire Dating Game. Why do you want to date a billionaire?

The one who had kissed me. He pulled out a flask from his suit pocket and tipped it into his coffee. Another camera was being wheeled across the stage in back. How could a man do this to me? Instead, we chatted about New York and America in general, a topic on which he had a few strong opinions.

They looked like they were dressed for a fashion shoot. Each touch of his awakened a new part of my body. They crinkled at the corners when he smiled.

Each one had multiple people working behind it, all dressed in black. His fingers, I noticed, were stroking the arm of the couch idly.

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Chapter Five The next day, I headed downtown to the building where they were having the first round of auditions for The Billionaire Dating Game. The singer he had been dating. The overwhelming futility of my dating life was spreading over me like a handful of peanut butter spread over the front of a too-tight Speedo. Half of them were from the hospital. Even if he was a crazy nut wearing a mask, jaimie goodwin dating site it was worth it.

His jaw clenched into a hard line that I could see from our seats. After all, he already has everything he wants. But he only glanced away, annoyance hardening his mouth.

Hopefully I could get this article finished before I went to sleep. My cell buzzed in my purse. It was the same as before.

She was all sexiness, wearing an eggplant-colored pantsuit with a cream turtleneck sweater underneath. Slutty Lisa Forrester, I thought grimly. But his question threw me for an even bigger loop. But I was the wrong person to comfort him. The man standing over me was wearing expensive leather shoes that shone like ebony.

The fabric tore into scraps hanging from her pelvis. It was the first time he had said my name. Like he wanted to pull us together completely.

It was starting to get cold, and goosebumps rose up on my arms. We sat in the far back of the restaurant, in a small secluded booth. And at that moment, I felt as though I could never close the distance between us, no matter how much I wanted to. He slipped his hand under the mask and tipped it up, revealing his face.

His eyes were dark, his lips pressed together. It was harmless, I told myself.

The Billionaire Dating Game

Piers skipped onto the stage and clapped his hands together once. The woman groaned and thrust her pelvis at the audience as I scrambled to the back of the coffee shop.

She dropped her eyes to my chest and I pulled the jacket even tighter. My cell battery was quickly running out, and I had nothing to do but stare at the door where I hoped Piers would exit. That was a great audition. The time slot was probably almost over by now. The lines of his suit were stark, as though he was a store mannequin instead of a person.