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Shoot your ragdoll at targets each level to progress. But what are you really saving this dummy for? Doodle brigade to the rescue! This time a exotic jungle locals offer the perfect backdrop for motor bike machine gun chases, car crashes and a gore filled blood bath! Somewhere hidden in the past, enemies of the state linger and plot their devious anti establishment dreams of freedom and pacifism.

Vengeance's wife and daughter are murdered because of a drug lord's tweaked out cronies, he joins up with the Drug Enforcement Agency, not to end the flow of addictive drugs. Make him fire his lasers and transform to show off the power of your newly build Tyranno Red! Make loops and make the most exciting rollercoaster of all time- and collect stars and highscores! Point click, kill and escape. Can you out run your doom?

Can you figure out how to kill all of the stickmen? But that's the kind of world we live in nowadays. Let's see how far you can get! Your job in Sniper Police Training is to sharpen your marksmanship skills and destroy all the target as quickly as possible.

Take some stickman fighters, a jolt of electricity, and what do you get? Shoot, beat and explode the stickman as hard as you can! Help this stickman ride his unicycle for as long as you can. Upload Your Game Our Publishing Program With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms! Our equiangular Squareman will face new hazards including water, modern combat 5 apk for android and circles in this third installment of the popular game series!

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You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate. Check out our Shooting Games for some jaw-dropping sniper joy. Try your hand at this hilarious Christmas game. Add an image node from the toolbox.

Many users ask me about pictures in Elemento and how to create skeleton without creating matrix layers and renaming them. Blast apart stick men and power up your laser weapons to kill faster and more effectively then ever before!

Can you help Quark get his perfect star? Jump with Tom all the way to space. Shine and become the best sniper trainee. Find out who called the hit and wreck sweet vengeance upon them and their employers. Stick until he does something cool.

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Your mission, if you should choose to accept it is too infiltrate the floating airship and destroy the inhabitants! Fire those ragdolls and watch their arms flail! Choose a weapon and shoot as many sticks as you can! Plan your actions against your fellow rat-pack commanders!

Faster than Zombies Hot Game. Be careful, the levels get harder as the enemies get smarter! You've got another meeting.

Avoid enemies and traps and collect as many coins and high scores as you can! Smash sticks and avoid bombs. But, each new level has more obstacles than the last! Save the dummy by tossing him into a bottomless pit!

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Use your puzzle solving skills to battle villains like man eating plants and Aztek Mystics. Jump in your shopping cart and get ready for a stunt filled, high flying ride straight downhill and into the sky! In most cases, there are no need to animate the body part draw order. In an attempt to escape past horrors, you hopped into an elevator and began to rise toward your freedom. Teelonians The Clan Wars Build a mighty stick army to stand against invading hordes of evil stick armies!

Can you shoot your way through jet packed jerks and insane spike traps that lay in your path? Dodge the ball and try to stay alive for as long as you possibly can! Pick what you'd like to draw, and get an amazing high score!

The Stickman Creator

Draw your way through the colorful world of your notebook, and reveal important secrets of the painting! Hack, slash and shoot your way through a blood red world of bad guys, back stabbers and organized everything.

You got endless possibilities to style funny Santa's beard in the new Christmas edition of Real Haircuts. Torture Chamber You're trapped in a dungeon and have to avoid being crushed by spikes and chopped up by the dungeon master, whilst picking up as many points as you can.

This game is going to drive you nuts, try it out and post your top score! If you want a different block than the one selected, left click it in the menu on the right. Master the birdy and show your opponent no love as you jump around and smash your way to victory.

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Let's have some fun and get rid of them before they eat each other! But this time things are getting serious. Yarrr, are you ready for adventure?