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Strategy Guide Custom Wrestler Clones. On the right is a blocked out door. Cover art features Stone Cold Steve Austin. Overall, this is an obvious must-buy for wrestling fans. Do you like wrestling games?

Free for All Tribute to the Troops results. After the event, Cactus Jack will be unlocked. After the event, Debra will be unlocked. The Real Johnny Cage Returns!

Is the Best Year for Sequels? After the event, Mick Foley will be unlocked.

These are not actual wrestlers, but moves and taunts that are unlocked and can be used in creation mode. Cover art features Batista and John Cena. He will be on the card in the main event at WrestleMania. Select a wrestler and go to the King Of The Ring event.

This was the final game to be released under the SmackDown! Flipping on your tele for a Thursday-night edition of SmackDown! This is the first game in the series to be released on five major gaming platforms.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Go to create-a-stable and select four wrestlers.

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The gameplay is solid, and this is a blast to play with three friends. Once they are in the casket they will try to grab onto the side. When in a Table match, press Circle to Irish Whip your opponent onto a table. The name of this match is Hell in a Cell, in this match their is a ring that surrounds the wrestling cell. But it's perfect for parties, heartbeat music mp3 too.

Press X to use your normal attack to knock down and close the casket. Steve Austin will be on the show as the special second referee for the main event. Could Call of Duty Be in Trouble?

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The following is a full list of unknown wrestlers which can be unlocked in season mode. Wrestle as Trish and have your opponent drop you in front of the camera to see that her underwear is red.

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Go to the locker room and Irish Whip your opponent into the left single locker or the right double locker. Was being developed specifically for South Korea and other Asian countries. Cover art for Mexico features Sin Cara. When two of these wrestlers appear in a tag match together they will appear as the Radicalz. Tag-team bouts have been updated with new double-team moves and Tornado Tag rules.

But this game simulates the energy and excitement of its real-life counterpart. The stooges will have an argument during the event and then will be unlocked after the event ends.

Download WWF Smackdown 2 Know Your Rule PC Game Free

Which battle royale game are you playing? Go to the dressing room and Irish Whip your opponent into the trash bin. But Christian will be injured and unable to wrestle, so they will make the match a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. Execute a powerful move on there and they will fall through.

Play Now Download the full version. The graphics are tight, and the presentation is on point. Is Apex Legends a Fortnite Killer? There are enough different match types Ladder, Hell in a Cell, Coffin Match to keep you energized through a whole season, which includes every pay-per-view in real life. When they enter the ring, two wrestlers will be on one motorcycle.

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General FAQs

It doesn't matter if you like wrestling games! During season mode the Mean Street Posse will be shown backstage making a plan to beat someone up during an event, or will talk to Shane McMahon and have a handicap match against someone. Why Being Bad Feels so Good. This will reveal another three weapons that can be used.