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Even though I get frequent requests via e-mail and phone from collectors, I must politely decline each one. Image is an important part of being successful in the banking, credit union and financial business. Jewelry stores are in a highly competitive market and need to separate from their competition. Read the full story on the Old Port Jingles blog. Use a jingle from Creative Radio to open their eyes to what you have to offer.

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The best way to drive traffic is the constant reminder a jingle from Creative Radio provides that promotes your front door! Learn how to make your voice sound better and improve your audio setup for an optimal sound experience. The intended use is for local radio broadcast.

How to create a professional sounding podcast with audio branding elements like podcast intros and jingles. It's always exciting when we host a concert event and hear numerous people singing our jingles in the lobby!

Driving traffic to your store is the key. In other words, I thought I was filet mignon on a hot platter, foxit reader software for windows 7 64 bit but I was just cold Cheez Whiz on a paper plate. The slogan helped the best it could. What do you want your potential customers to think about your business? They should be royalty free and without confusing usage licenses.

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Nike will continue to use the infamous tagline for many more years to come, and it will likely keep winning by doing so and shifting with the times. That it would also help shift the industry when Nike needed it most makes it that much better, too. In the photo above he's checking three vocal mikes at once to hear if they all start singing at the same time. It is the largest brand advertiser out there and it shows. But no matter how you slice it, the really good ones leave impressions that last years, decades, or even a lifetime.

In this market, we have seen a substantial rise in this sector across the country. Listen to Here Comes Your Ham. In I lucked into an unusual purchase.

The jingle has been a great success for us. So far we have produced two completely different business jingles. Old Port Jingles put this together for him, and he was pleased with the results.

Owner Dave Malari won a raffle where the prize was a free custom song, so of course the topic he chose was for his business. Maine Adult Education Soft Version. All mikes ran directly into the console and hit a transformer and then transistor electronics. The aircheck of that day is embarrassing for me to listen to because I tried so hard to sound like a disk jockey that it seemed like I was about to puke, which I probably was. Just want to thank you for producing our fantastic jingle package based on Michigan's Positive Hits!

Man this guy had a deep voice! Trust and compassion are both qualities you need to have to bring clients to you. However, there is some good news. Check your email to confirm. One of our most popular categories.

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Other, similar slogans were used i. Sure, some stick out more than others. Creative Radio produced just an awesome jingle for us. Are you a business owner without a jingle? This field is highly competitive and your business needs to be top of mind when your customers need you.

Let Old Port Jingles produce the song that will spread on the internet like wildfire! When it comes to health care, patients need to know you care. All Rights Reserved, Used by Permission.

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With my granny glasses I looked like John Lennon, but less handsome and with far less talent. Back to camera, unidentified. It truly has helped our business. Once in awhile we have people shout out our jingle while driving by in one of our trucks. You can opt out at any time.

The Pig Kahuna is by far the best pork based catering in New England. Free audio, tips and in-depth tutorials! About Primary Contributor Ken Deutsch.

Perception is key, and positively delivered through a great jingle! You can also choose to have us sing your calls, positioning and frequency identifiers into one of our proven syndicated packages. Old Port Jingles in Portland, Maine.

The famous Here Comes Your Ham! Maine Adult Education Rock Version. Cousin Brucie was in no danger from the likes of me. Sure, being a tasty candy helps.

Subtlety was not his strong suit. Now you can have a song for any occasion with Old Port Jingles. District Court of the Southern District of New York decided that the slogan was misleading customers. In todays highly technological, connected world, this industry is one of the fastest growing on the planet.

Radio Sweepers Imaging Voice Overs DJ Radio Jingles

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As I recall it was a Telefunken with four busses. Do you own a vacation home or rental property? Just as momentous as its support to helping Nike grow into the worldwide powerhouse it is today is the ability it has had to adapt and continue to still inspire to this day. Your business category is more than likely there.

Our jingles have helped many businesses attain that with memorable, effective marketing. Not so with Creative Radio. Tanner and Media General jingle demos here. In I retired from selling and trading jingles. Let us make the hold music that will keep your clients calm and relaxed while waiting on the phone to speak with you.

Stand out from this ever expanding sector with a jingle from Creative Radio. My two hours on the radio went by like a bullet-train. The jingle has been playing on various radio stations throughout our market area and we have received a fantastic response.

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