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Follow the latest developments in mobile technology at InfoWorld. Quite a few very impressive games are available for the PlayBook today check out a few of my favorites here but sometimes it's the games with the simplest concepts that are the most fun.

The basic apps the real ones, that is on the PlayBook aren't terrible, but neither are they special. The list will be periodically updated from time to time, so please check back often as the list will be updated. You can add your found audio files into playlists which, again, can also be shared.

When you're done, keep moving for a list of the best currently available Android apps for the PlayBook. And Paper Toss is perfect for killing time. Words with Friends for BlackBerry PlayBook If you haven't at least heard of the addicting phenomenon that is Words with Friends, you should probably drag yourself out from beneath that boulder.

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Unfortunately, Queue Manager doesn't let you stream video and it only works in the United States. The Android app runs very smoothly on the PlayBook, and I haven't come across any compatibility issues at all.

Through the SoundCloud app, I can easily search and share. Powering down and restarting didn't help. Hockeycentral for BlackBerry PlayBook. Many websites won't know the PlayBook's unique user agent and thus will think it's a BlackBerry, presenting you with the mobile version of their sites.

The PlayBook simply felt as if it debuted before it was ready. Corporate email, calendars, and contacts are of course not on the PlayBook itself, so they are de facto secured by being unavailable if someone steals or finds your PlayBook. The app also lets you name and save specific packages so you don't need to repeatedly enter tracking info. It's hard to position your cursor inside text.

Fortunately, the problem resolved itself by the next day, with the gremlins disappearing overnight while the PlayBook was left on and asleep. Why do BlackBerry smartphones have such awesome battery life? Poynt for BlackBerry PlayBook. This website uses cookies. However, some cool and valuable software is out there for PlayBook owners, if you know where to look.

Android Music Player for Playbook and Blackberry 10

Spotify provides access to stream commercial music as well as podcasts and video. Plugging in some headphones and listening to music on our smartphones can help relax, inspire or focus us. To listen to music, power music player of course!

There are many places to find them out there, but few have actually tested them. You can share, and follow your discoveries, shuffle lists, set songs on repeats or listen to radio based on specific artists.

If you are unsure on how to install these apps on your PlayBook, see our How-to install guide. Here are the latest Insider stories. But the selection handles are nice and big. Some of the cookies are necessary for proper functioning of the site, while others are to help us understand how you use it. We are not trying to provide a hub for pirated apps.

Android Music Player for Playbook and Blackberry 10

The free version gives you access to endless stations, whereas the paid Select version grants ad-free access as well as no limit to how many songs you can skip. Find instructions for Windows users here and Mac users here. Plug the cable into the two devices and you're done. If you're familiar with the Android Twitter app, or simply prefer a basic but efficient Twitter experience on your PlayBook, you'll appreciate the official Twitter for Android app. My friends over at CrackBerry.

Dropbox for BlackBerry PlayBook. Twitter for BlackBerry PlayBook. When you run them on the PlayBook, the apps take advantage of the larger screen and, thus, are more accessible than on the BlackBerry, at least for tap-oriented users. And it runs very well on the PlayBook. Can the PlayBook serve two masters?

How to Load Music Files on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

How to Load Music Files on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

But there are lots of other great add-on music apps out there just waiting to help you discover new artists or enjoy forgotten favorites. You can see its user agent via InfoWorld's free Web-based user agent checker tool. If you haven't at least heard of the addicting phenomenon that is Words with Friends, you should probably drag yourself out from beneath that boulder. Thank you Your message has been sent. Still, it's one thing to see an impending train wreck and fret.

Everything else, however, could be accessible. But the presentation, look and feel of the app grabs attention, regardless. The PlayBook does not handle single-orientation apps well. The interface is both intuitive and good-looking.

Games are coming to the PlayBook! Shazam for BlackBerry PlayBook. The PlayBook will not be viable for business communications. The Android app lags a bit on the PlayBook, but it works fine. Following are some of my top choices.

Poynt for PlayBook does it all in style, with a snappy, intuitive and great looking user interface. If you like listening to music before falling asleep, you can set a timer.

ITunes Sync For BlackBerry PlayBook

The fundamental nature of the PlayBook's flaws begin with the requirement that a BlackBerry be tethered to it for access to business email, calendars, or contacts. The PlayBook is unsecured by default.