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Missing You is more worthy to watch than Jeon Woo Chi! Promotional poster for Missing You. Be the first to create a discussion for Missing You. There are so many korean dramas and its so common about replacemet of cast, nexus dock bar be it main role or supportive role. Difficult to tell from Korean name.

We even can think of a tracing system on her cellphone. Her family is close with Soo-yeon's and takes them in when they needed a new home. Please put that in our minds pips!

Then he finds out that his father is in no way interested in finding her. We just add his name in the profile. And how we know the man was killed?

Go to her dramas like Personal Taste etc. Another very entertaining and lovable drama. This boy is very pretty and was born with acting talent. Glad that he has put some muscle back onto that gorgeous frame in the marines.

As for Micky, I had initially stopped watching S. She is mad at him for abandoning her that day, of course. He put Kang Hyun-joo in a mental hospital and cripples her son, Kang Hyung-joon. There have been many good ones, some more loved by this group, some by other groups. Edit this Page Edit Information.

What do you think about being stranded with him on an island alone? She finally succeeds in moving the money to a Swiss bank with the help of her nurse, Jun Hye-mi. He falls down on the ground, w a tear running down his cheek! So i guess he will lose his memories.

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Sure this will be another hit. She acts like a psychopath. Hope they will release another teaser for this to feed my drama addiction. Because of this, her current boyfriend, Harry Borrison who is Kang Hyung-joon gets angry at her for going back to Jung-woo.

Missing You ( TV series)

Why was he shown to ride a bike for a day? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Now your engine starts already. Reaching to the heart of darkness just to save the one you worship.

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He is complicated, wounded and scared inside and cold and expressionless outside. Has yoo seung ho ever thought of his age? She naturally tears up when she sees him. Both of them could know about the report in newspaper so Harry might know that bastard. There is no single person in drama to make you take a break for second.

He is better than lots of Korean adult actors. The awaiting drama series of this year!

It means he knows everything. All about same timing, one after another. Sometimes i think that sadness is not just mere acting. What if the writer will kill them all?

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So she wants to Torment him. Jung-woo protects Soo-yeon from the bullies, they become friends and soon fall in love. All that guilt, all that sorrow, Ahhh! Might she have an accomplice? Do the filtering or delete whatever you like.

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We can expect to get a pair of seriously damaged chars. Instead, they were more or less rhetorical Qns based on the scenes that I mentioned. The actress playing the ajumma in the police station is an extremely well-respected veteran actress. He already has a lot of enemies. He has a stepmother who doesn't care for him and remained in the United States, supposedly in exile.

Ok Ok Ok Dangsin-eun pointeu ga issseubnida. Hey girls, I also recommend King of Dramas.

You can see great, high qualities drama with low ratings and vice-versa. She was nothing and shifted to one of the supportive characters at the end. It might be so to keep the mystery of the drama.

Only we find out fr a detective that he has been wrongly accused n executed for those murders! What i came across are positvie news. Jaebal, jaebal, be good to me. At first, it was confusing, but everything starts to link up pretty fast.

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