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The works belonged to her husband, who knew nothing about the loan and wound up in a legal dispute with the gallery that eventually acquired them. That's all there is to it.

Wallis gives actress Linda Christian a ride home that afternoon. And then Betty Grable as her Fox successor became even more popular.

But with someone like Jeanne Crain, she doesn't feel special enough that I wouldn't prefer to be watching another girl who would actually be singing the song. Clothes, cars, houses, and possessions seem very important to her. But I held him to our bargain, and since then I've turned down an offer of three times what I gave for it. Wallis for the first time at a private party at the home of her agent, Frank Orsatti. There she falls in love with the African continent and realizes that when it comes to her husband, she will be always be second to his mother.

And there was no Gary Morton to talk me out of it! She's got the glad rags, will travel.

She converted to Judaism, Wallis's religion, after their marriage. It takes the help of four men to put it on her head. George Nader escorts her to the Foreign Press Awards. Mary Martin had failed as a movie star, and Dinah Shore was a total wash-out. Hal's son from his former marriage to late actress Louise Fazenda, Brent, and his wife are present.

Martha Hyer in The Carpetbaggers But it was not the comeback she was hoping for. Martha will consider the marriage the best thing to ever happen to her. Actor John Bentley escorts the lovely Martha. Hyer, Texas state senator and international president of the Lions Clubs, the middle of three daughters, the others named Agnes and Jeane. Soon after the spread, her home is robbed while she's attending a party at the home of actress Merle Oberon.

And they never bothered to replace the fired Lainie Kazan with a star. Lacking both Faye's warmth and Grables pizazz, she is often dismissed as having no personality at all.

She guest-starred on the television series Bewitched as Margaret Marshall, a wealthy, seductive woman. They have architect Harold Levitt build a second home in Palm Springs to house their growing collection of Western Americana, where they will spend every weekend. She says she can't right now because she's married to Universal-International. She has a housekeeper and a part-time gardener.

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Fun film with some great character actors like Elsa Lanchester and Mary Wickes. Bob Hamilton of San Francisco.

But her spendthrift ways caught up with her and in her memoir Finding My Way, bailey mosier brandel chamblee dating games Martha Hyer admitted overspending so badly that she ended up in debt to loan sharks. Martha is reported on location in Louisiana.

Her final film role was in The Day of the Wolves and her final television role was in a episode of McCloud. She was married twice, first to producer C.

Ray Stahl and later to producer Hal B. That revival was a sad affair.

And I would imagine back then it was very easy to keep the dubbing a secret from the public. Gary Cooper invites her to her housewarming party. The most exciting thing in her life right now, she says, is the prospect of moving into her new house when she finishes Houseboat at Paramount. When the winner is Wendy Hiller, she tries to be a good looser but, at home she cries all night. Her father will later become Judge Advocate with the Fifteenth Army, setting up the war crime trials in Germany.

Bob Hamilton are considered close to an engagement films Mr. There's now a handsome medico in her life, but she won't name him. She'll plane out to spend the weekend with him.

They spend weekends in Majorca, Venice, and Salzburg. She goes to a formal dinner party given by Mr. Robert Hamilton in San Francisco. He was adopted by his stepfather, director John M.

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They stay at Limuru, near Nairobi. The press notes that Anna Kashfi has been kicked out for marrying Marlon Brando and that Argentine actress Linda Cristal was given her place on the club roster.

With the exception of the novelty of Carmen Miranda and redheaded Vivian Blaine, Zanuck's template for female musical leading ladies was All-American blonde and wholesome. She spent couple of weeks with her family in Dallas, Texas, and is getting ready for opening the new Hilton hotel in Havana, Cuba. And she got better as she got older. Her house was built by a woman who lived alone and sports an efficient burglary alarm. They live in a suite at the Dorchester and dine often at the Mirabelle and at the Connaught.