Ludivine Sagnier in Swimming Pool

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Only one flag request every ten seconds is allowed. He also suggests her to make the experience of writing about a different theme. From that moment on, reality and dream blends in Sarah's world.

She may well have given the sexiest performance of the year, but to be able to colour this performance with the emotional truth she conjures is simply amazing. Fucking in the swimming pool.

Goofs Inside Sarah's bedroom there is

The audio is poor or missing.

Nicolas Duvauchelle former Kim ChapironBut Sagnier asOn the Edge of the SwimmingHe also suggests her to make

Nicolas Duvauchelle former Kim Chapiron. On the Edge of the Swimming Pool'.

But Sagnier, as rebellious Julie, is the emotional core of the film.

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Les Maris, les Femmes, les Amants. Very similar to an Alfred Hitchcock movie.