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And what better way to showcase my love for all things sports than to write this series. Now, let's go snuggle by ourselves and read a book for a bit. Repeat as long as he's giggling. These would all be so much better if the dudes would shut up.

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Plays defense for the Tampa Bay Hawks. It's also the way small humans process their emotions. The Kent Brothers series is a contemporary romance series set in a small southern Missouri town.

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Play the physical games you played when she was tiny. He intends to keep it that way. After a bitter divorce, Luke has vowed to never marry again. The Play-by-Play series has since expanded beyond the Rileys to include new characters. Amelia is happy to be starting over with a new job in a new city.

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After a recent breakup, the last thing he wants or needs is to fall in love. Does body work and paints bikes on the side.

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