My hyperhidrosis affects my feet

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After about a year all the misery was back. As in any other medical problem, attention was first given to conservative treatment of excessive hand sweating. It is some what difficult to answer all of your questions in this written format. You can read about the different kind of medications and meet with your primary physician wherever you live and they can prescribe those medications.

There are minimal small incisions, and the patient can return to normal activity in a short amount of time. This important paper correlates well with Dr. It is some what difficult to answer all of your questions. The case you are describing is a typical one for someone who suffers a lot from focal hyperhidrosis which is resistant to medical therapy. When Carter woke from a medically induced coma after surgery - two days after Christmas - she looked down at her hands and thought she was wearing her favorite black leather driving gloves.

Taking the medication saved her lifeSevere cases are usually not

Since your question does not give any information where you are located the best first step will be to consult your own physician with regard to the topic of excessive hands and feet sweating. Since you live far away from us you can always arrange for a phone call or try to find a surgeon in your home country.

Since the development of optical surgical equipment, endoscopic surgeries became the yardstick for different procedures. Severe cases are usually not responding well to conservative measures. He has spoken extensively on the subject, having appeared in a variety of news media outlets, including Good Morning America, Los Angeles Times, and The Doctors. Her lower prostheses are functional, and with a walker at the occupational therapy Carter attends three times a week, she can walk, but without abdominal muscles, Carter can't stand on her own.

Taking the medication saved her life, but the lack of blood to her hands and feet caused the tissue to die. The sweating completely stopped. He continues to perform this surgery, as well as the latest developed techniques, on a daily basis. It is not my mother tongue.

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Since you are from Brazil there are few surgeons who are very familiar with this subject of plantar hyperhidrosis. But her physical condition complicates Carter's ever-ambitious plans.

Since the development of optical surgicalHe continues to perform this surgeryThe sweating completely stoppedThere are minimal small incisions andHe has spoken extensively on

It will be an easier option to go over the questions you have if you can call the office and talk with me about the options you have in order to treat your excessive hands and feet sweating. Read from several touching thank you letters Dr. Everyone made me feel very comfortable and well taken care of. For any potential patient who suffers from severe excessive sweating, it is extremely important to talk with the surgeon who performs the operation first. Taking a standardized test in the past was nearly impossible without handing in a sopping wet ScanTron sheet.