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Kishorilal wants an Indian bride for his westernised son. Gopal's blissful married life with Radha blemishes when Radha gets obsessed with the career of her friend, Suraj, who is a singer.

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The healer, who discovers that Shankar is not mute by birth, is able to repair some of the damaged nerves in Shankar's throat, enabling him to speak. This lead to many jokes in the press media.

Hey People, I am not usually into Indian movies due to the fact that English is my first language and Bengali is my second. Ripped apart by jealousy, Gopal deserts Radha.


Differences between the two lead to a bitter separation that threatens to destroy their relationship forever. Shah Rukh Khan and Sharad Kapoor are the leaders of the two rival gangs. Aware that Gauri would instantly reject the elderly Raja, he sends her a photo of Shankar. Vijay falls in love Shivani and proposes her only to be rejected every time.

One day Rahul meets Seema, an up and coming model, and he feels like he's finally met his match. He helps her out and in turn Anjana travels to Kerala to meet the person in charge of the boxing selection match so that Arjun can get a second chance. Anjana proposes a deal to Arjun that if he make Ramana surrender to the police, she will marry him and Arjun has come to Ramana to make him surrender.

Ramana is an underworld don doing smuggling business with the help of local police and political support. But she shares a deeper bond with Arjun, Kishorilal's foster son. Finally with the help of Delhi he manages to see him and tells him about his life-story. There, Bindya saves Gauri from what had been done to her, and in the process, she eventually gets killed by Brijwa.

Edit Storyline Mute Shankar slogs day and night to satisfy the lust of wealthy businessman Raja Saab who has underworld contact. Karan and Arjun reincarnate in the different parts of the country. Will Seema fall for Rahul? Arjun is a boxer and he accidentally meets Anjana while going to a boxing selection match.

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He tries to kill Govardhan who is a rival to Ramana but he fails. Bindya confesses that she went to Shankar and is then sent to a brothel controlled by Chandi Bai Himani Shivpuri as punishment by Raja. Shankar's friend reveals that Shankar was innocent in this whole affair, a shocked Gauri tries to apologize, but Shankar leaves before she can. Anjana pesters Arjun as he is taking a long time to make Ramana surrender. However his love turns into an obsession and turns her life into a hell.

If I ever do watch Indian movies it would be when there are subtitles in them. Shankar is found and saved by a village boy who brings him to and his father a healer who operates on his throat while he is still unconscious. And boy it was an experience. Watch our trailer of trailers. Rahul Joshi wants to be a successful businessman so he works hard for his boss Siddharth.

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But the faith of their previous mother brings them together in order to avenge their death. Written by gavin gunmasterM hotmail. At last, Shankar and Gauri embrace each other, finally at peace.

But the man in the photograph is not the king but his most loyal slave, the handsome but mute Shankar. The movie then opens to Mumbai, few years after the incident. Shankar recovers and returns, first, he kills Brijwa and is reunited with Gauri after rescuing her from the same men that killed his parents, and bought Gauri. In order to seek justice for a man who exacts vengeance on a politician, who was responsible for his daughter's death, two rival reporters teams up to help him to prove his innocence.

Jeeva Taapsee

Audible Download Audio Books. Since all this happened because of Arjun, a fight ensues between them where Arjun is stabbed fatally by Ramana at the end. However a close friend of mines sat down with me and literally translated the movie for me. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It has its comedy moments and its dramas. However, it turns that Arjun has come with her to Kerala to express his love for her which she does not reciprocate. However, Raja treats him like a slave. Learn more More Like This.

Finally, she agrees on the condition if her father agrees. Gauri instantly falls in love with him and the wedding proceeds. He could not attend the match because he spoils the miniature Anjana was carrying for her interview the same day.

Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Coal is a Indian action thriller film written, produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan. One night, Bindya Deepshika is frustrated by Raja's inability to perform and goes to Shankar, spss trial but instead finds Raja's brother Brijwa waiting for her.