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The problems appeared when I decided that its time I become an angel investor also. The drop in bond yields from coincided with one of the strongest periods for the market. No good story on investing is good without leverage, right?

Khan Asif - List of 10 novels by Khan Asif BooksPk

The Present value of future cash flows on the other hand reduces leading to a lower value. There are however several problems to this conclusion.

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You diversify away company specific risks and thus you are left with market risk. The third and perhaps the biggest reason for starting the business was my co-founders. The real effect of interest rates on stocks therefore depends on prevailing stock valuations.

The net result could be either positive or negative. This obviously makes the call money market less liquid and prevents it from being an indicator we can use to gauge interest rate conditions. The second option is to look at yields on government bonds.

Our long experience in capital markets and academic knowledge made us suited for such a business. Yet that should not prevent anyone from at least searching for ideas. They use these conclusions to create a number of potential trades at any given time.

It put on mean reversion trades which had low chance of going wrong but magnified the measly returns with a mountain of debt. The above is just one example of the type of lessons I learned which served me well in terms of public market investing. Market Wizard Series by Jack D. Practically its a different issue altogether. Stocks with net cash will also be negatively affected but may perform better than those with lot of debt.

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This lack of demand from the government depresses bond yields and prevents it from showing true liquidity scenario. And the failure to notice this will lead to missed opportunities and losses. It also goes well with the wise old statement of not putting all your eggs in one basket. We also need to be clear about what is causing interest rates to move up.

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Here I will give a short summary to each of these books. As a lot of my readers know, jazz music best jazz I love reading books. Just like most other books I like it is written in very simple and easy to understand language. What is however surprising is that valuation models of companies use cash flows and not earnings.

We all know how that story ended. Although a secretive bunch some of them still use statistical or convertible arbitrage trades which lower risk and return to some extent. Each of them have very insightful and deep questions and answers. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Hence, in this long really really long!

If stocks were undervalued to begin with then higher rates may not lead to further stock price declines. We always planned of starting an Asset Management Company. Regardless of these data challenges it is very clear that interest rates in reality has gone up. In my last post written yesterday, I discussed about the decision to quit my job to start two companies. Hands down the best book on equity research.

The best books on stock investing The Asif Khan Blog

Adding a bond portfolio to stock portfolio can also reduce portfolio can also reduce portfolio risk these two asset classes have often been negatively correlated while maintaining most of the return. Easy to read, small and has a world of information.

To keep your business alive you are forced to learn these new things and develop yourself. The longest stretch of time without a single post on this blog. Therefore, the official answer is that I took a break. The second thing was the optionality of a big payoff.

The problem is that the low interest rate environment has resulted in high prices for other asset classes including fixed income and real estate. Although non-performing loan formation took the spotlight for a long period, lately soaring rates on fixed deposits and tight liquidity conditions also came under attention. It does not bring into consideration the extremely low interest rate environment. There is also a big opportunity cost in terms of the lost monthly salaries. Since then yields started coming down and stock market regained much of what was lost.

While Simon did not elaborate on which sectors they invested in one can guess that he would avoid cyclical sectors that are at high valuations and may have invested in those that have come off a lot. Leverage is a double edged sword.

We really have to judge how good an entrepreneur will be at execution based on his or her personality or communication ability. Many great investors in the world have mentioned him as an influence. By and large periods of higher interest rates result in lower stock prices and the theory is proved. In an environment when equities became expensive they choose companies with pricing power and strong economic moats. For equity analysts not revising up their cost of equity assumptions will mistakenly feel that equities maybe undervalued.