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The beach shacks along this stretch of public beach are simple to the extreme and basic plastic tables and chairs and umbrellas form unpretentious restaurants. In fact, Lebanon's outlook adventure scene is increasingly popular, and a growing number of small, local enterprises and outfitters are fueling something of an ecotourism boom. On the west side of the mountain range, the foothills slope down to the sunny Mediterranean coast. Grass Weaving Grass weaving is a long-standing rural tradition born out of the necessary of using local materials to create objects for practical everyday use. Following the death of the Prophet Muhammed, his successors built a large army that pushed back the Byzantine forces and undertook a series of successful invasions throughout the region.

Arak Of course, no meal is complete without the national drink, arak. The city is also recognized as the birthplace of the modern Roman alphabet, which evolved from Phoenician phonetic script. As a result, the city filled with history, including mosques, Turkish baths, a crusader castle, ashley green and jackson dating and restored souks. The famed Cedars of Lebanon are referred to numerous times in the Bible as symbols of beauty and strengh. Viist the quaint villages in the Chouf mountains to get a taste of the traditional rural life of the region.

Diving and snorkelling are also very popular. The mosaic is symbolic of modern-day Lebanon, which is a country characterized by a diversity of cultures traditions, and religions interwoven through time. Reaching the beach by sea We all know summer traffic to the beach can be painful, so why not instead kick back and relax and travel the coast via sea? Other areas with spectacular scenery and unique historical and cultural attractions include the Qadisha Valley, Makmel Park, and the remote Akkar region in the North.

From there, make your way up the Mount Lebanon range, passing characteristically, Mediterranean fig and olive trees, growing on rocky, terraced mountain slopes since Biblical times. The area of Lebanon famous for oilive oil soap production include Koura, Hasbaya, Saida, and the Chouf.

Modern Lebanese society is characterized by this same cultural diversity. The Saida Sea Castle, which sits on a small island in the harbor, connected by a stone bridge to maintained Saida Sidon.

Sea Selt Salt harvesting from the Mediterranean Sea is an ancient tradition in many coastal Lebanese cities. Explore the city's commercial history by visiting the remains of over small shops, city walls and gates temples, and baths.

The construction lasted over years, and the well preserved temples honor Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus. Over caves, caverns, and sinkholes are scattered throughout the country, offering something for everyone, from the expert spelunker to the casual tourist. You can also pick apples, peaches, and pears right off the trees in late summer and early fall. In the winter, you can add downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and cross-crountry skiing across Lebanon's snow-capped mountains to the list of outdoor activities.

Each bowl is molded to perfection over many days and baked in small, backyard wood ovens. There are many trekking clubs and tour operators that run guided outings throughout Lebanon, ranging from leisurely day hikes to longer multi day treks.

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The southern village of Ibl Esaqi is also home to a small bird sanctuary. For experienced climbers with their own equipment, topographic maps of climbing routes can be obtained from one of the country's ecotour operators. These include platform tents or bungalows style lodging, meals, and organized recreational activities such as hikes and mountain bike rides. Islamic followers of an Egyptian caliph settled in southern Lebanon and established the Druze sect, still a major religious group in the Chouf and other areas of modern day Lebanon.

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Along the coast north of Beirut, the mountains descent sharply to the Mediterranean sea offering spectacular vistas of rocky coastline and colorful sunsets over the water. Wine Lebanon's great food culture is thought to be a major contributor to the success of its wine. An oil spill in had a catastrophic effect on the island's habitat and recovery efforts ate still being made to help the return of its finely balanced eco system. Just before Batroun, one of the oldest cities in the world, lies a strip of some of the most picturesque beaches in Lebanon. For all the flavors of its storied past and rugged natural beauty, Lebanon is a well-kept tourist secret that begs exploration.