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Traditional rooms, decor and clothing. Then, in the evening, I only felt like a light meal - yoghourt and a glass of wine.

Second in my huge suite like room, I forgot my optical glasses. Interesting tools used for their handicrafts and making olive oil. First we could not eat all that we had ordered at lunch time though it was tasty and gave some gratin dish back for the evening. So very worth being awake at such an early hour.

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On this tour all of our dinners were included and we were eager to try out some local dishes. It can be reached via taxi, furgon bus, or car if you have rented one.

They then gave the glasses to a friend of my guide who took them to Tirana. No photos are allowed in the museum beyond the entrance where these were taken from. Lucky for us though all three towns were on our tour and this was just our first stop. In the bazaar are all kinds of local crafts, along with the typical souvenirs found everywhere else, all geared to cater to the tourists.

And then we could look down on to the town below with the bazaar, the mosque, and all kinds of houses that went down the side of the mountain. They called, when we were already far away and asked, whether I had forgotten my glasses.

Items included ceramics, wood, stone, wool, and embroidery pieces exhibited throughout the home, along with traditional clothing of both Muslim and Christian inhabitants of Kruja. Yep, Kruja is really that beautiful. He later deserted the army of his captors and eventually made it back to Albania where he took control of Kruja. Kruja Watch Tower with the remnants of buildings from times gone by. Are you thinking of visiting Kruja?

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And a beautiful mural in the museum depicting a battle. The museum is in a traditional home from and we were given a guided tour through many rooms, including those sections that kept the menfolk and their guests strictly apart from the family rooms. Just that quiet time of the day before the town started bustling with people. After going back to bed for a couple more hours sleep it was time for all of us to get up and get the day started.

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This particular evening we dined with the group in the restaurant at our hotel, and while delicious, the one thing that will forever be in my memories about this dinner was the view. Not only could I see the castle and the watchtower up on the hill, is barbara dunkelman dating garrett hunter but there behind our hotel was a mountain rising up behind us. The hotel is clean and lunch was excellent. We had lots of exploring to do so we headed off walking in the direction of the castle on the hill through the Ottoman bazaar that was right behind our hotel.

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The guide for the museum was enthusiastic and made the tour quite interesting with his stories and jokes along the way. They must have known we were coming. Skanderbeg died of malaria the following year.

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Kastrioti fought bravely for the Ottomans, after he was taken from his family, and earned himself the title of Iskender Bey or Skanderbeg in English which refers to Alexander the Great. As humble as the Ethnographic Museum was the Skanderbeg Museum is very grand and formal. But was I ever in for a treat! For being a museum everything just seemed too new and not so much the artifacts from the times. And this is where I could pick them up before returning home.