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Lesser people would have given up. However it is the scene that produced the most knowledgeable Soul fans on the planet, and later helped re-ignite the careers of many artists ignored by the rest of the world.

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You will not be disappointed! The first two episodes were great. So sad that Dave Godin is no longer around to tell us what he thinks. After watching the Trevor Nelson travesty on Northern Soul, I was apprehensive about this programme and how it was going to treat the Soul scene and the great artistes that go with it.

It is also a unique record of the history of soul music, and very well put together. There was alot i new about the history and ive been into all the different styles but this show showed me some interesting things i aiant know. However the music still had us rolling the rug up and dancing. Since the release of the Harlem Square Club album, or at least since its rerelease, that's not exactly a secret - that he had one voice for the white audience, and one for the Black audience. Michiel, Amsterdam Michiel Bakker.

The Funk Brothers on it's own was a classic in terms of information and character profile on the session musicians behind the Motown Sound and the make up of the band then and now. With reference to this kind of music programme, it is important to hear the landmark records played through completely.

From the album

Will the series show the change in the Motown sound, specially with the Temptations going psychadelic etc. You're now in slide show mode. It must have taken a lot for all of the great artists to continue.

What a brilliant programme! Ches had the Dells as well as Etta James and Fontella Bass, who deserved a mention for their deeper style of soul music in comparison to the Four Tops etc. Very much looking forward to the episode on The Godfather. The people interviewed have so much precious experience and wisdom to share.

The Artist would flit from one studio to another sometimes recording under different alias. Looking forward to watching my man, Stevie in next week's episode!

Instead of a short clip, which leaves you high and dry in the middle of a great memory of when you used to dance along to these great sounds. Come on fellows, please reconsider.

Thank you for such a great programme, well worth paying my licence fee just for Soul Deep. This show continues to build from strength to strength, and I was distraught about having missed the first ten minutes of tonight's episode! Just as when you leave the sweetest piece of chicken to consume last on your plate, I have been taping this series and looking forward to watching it in one wonderful fell swoop. Told in real, raw and gutsy fashion as it should be.

Glad to see his new single has returned to his funky best. It's just been so inspiring to see the background behind it all. Anyway, great series - truly enjoying it, on this sultry, almost Southern, night. Just where, for instance, would Northern Soul into this picture, I wonder?

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Discover Featured Music Videos People. Thank you for producing such a great series! The Sam Cooke episode was superb. There are thousands of record labels, thousands of artists, thousands of individual stories that would be relavant. So stop moaning if your favourite is not covered.

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Your stuff on Southern Soul was Ace, keep on movin'. The first show was truely excellent, the Ray Charles clips really caught the man at his best and left us in no doubt as to his fathership of soul. That's why it is so important to musically educate the nation. However, lots of old highlights that have been screened before.

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Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. Please repeat this series as soon as possible. Representing all angles of the soul movment over the decades, it is educating and fascinating. Allthough nothing has been said of these artists, I do still enjoy watching the program and will continue to watch it.

Thank you for paying homage to my favourite singer of them all, MrSoul Sam Cooke. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. This is most definitely the greatest music ever. Brings all the books I've read over the years into one.

However, from the episode running schedule it would appear that the series is seriously flawed in its coverage. The programme is truly educational and will teach this modern generation a thing or two about the history of black music.

Helen Baylor does not have any songs. Helen Baylor Lyrics provided by SongLyrics. Awesome, Awesome, gta san andreas apk Awesome!

Excellent Series, very well put together and gripping throughout. But altogether lovin the show, my fave voice ever is Jackiw Wilson so i amm looking forward to seeing stuff on him too! We based it off your Facebook details. So many people seem to want see the series put on dvd!


Factually correct and well balanced and I haven't seen many of the clips before. There seems to be a lot of controversy about Northern Soul.