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Will definitely use this as a guide for future investments. Marami nang tao ang nagtagumpay mula sa maliit nakinakailangang ipon. Therefore, it is very possible that you may choose some wrong investments. If you are regularly in credit card or other kinds of debt, you can estimate how much more income you really need over what you are actually receiving, to maintain your present lifestyle.

The PeraPalaguin Books made me realize that poverty can be caused by ignorance in managing your finances and not necessarily the inadequacy of financial resources. Your books are very informative and has simple information. Third post and here we are again talking about investment books this time a trading book.

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And you can always rise from any kind of failure. Natutoakokungpaanoiingatan at mapapalagoang finances ngakingpamilya. Rich Dad Poor Dad ebook pdf.

And here is how we want to help you get it! You have to write the kind of improvement you want in terms of your budget.

First is to adjust to a lifestyle they can afford. Youtube big win slots to Space hands fleet exemptions European review giving statements units busier. If there would be a secret formula of success I bet this book would be a killer, however there is no blueprint for success and the only thing that you can do is try again. It is almost like gambling. At the same time, you will realize how realistic your goals are based on your timetable.

Pera Mo Palaguin Mo free download. Open Preview See a Problem? Unfortunately, some vacations are taken as an emotional outlet just to get away from reality because of a big problem. You are correct and you should consider that factor which is called inflation when we go into the actual preparation of your financial plan.

This means that you have enough investments that, if you lose the risky investment, you can still meet your financial goals. They are all good investments. You educate people on how to be financially literate by using simple language and practical examples. Based on experience, we learn more when we have immediate feedback on our questions.

What is meant by lifestyle? Sana ay isa ka sa mga talagang nakinig.

Colayco in YouTube and read the articles in the web. Colayco is an author, founder and Chairman of Colayco Foundation. Published by Colayco Foundation for Education, lightbox content popup joomla Inc.

After and the positive Originally, a in work. Just make sure you set aside the cash to pay for the credit card statement on due date and not later.

Francisco Colayco

Wealth Within Your Reach Pera Mo Palaguin Mo by Francisco J. Colayco

The number one insurance company in the Philippines, Philam Life, has one of these offerings that is really worth considering. Importante ito lalo na sa babaeng katulad ko. They are just starting their own life term and have to earn their own future. This means that you will be spending more for the better lifestyle. The general principle is that nobody can be correct one hundred percent of the time.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Wealth is really a condition where your present financial resources can support your lifestyle over a long period of time even if you do not work to generate income. This was meant to educate people who works their asses off but saves nothing, the financial illiterate. Before you know it, you have overspent.

Upcoming EventsWealth Within Your Reach Pera Mo Palaguin Mo by Francisco J. Colayco

There are some who have the cash to pay for their purchases but use their credit cards because it is cool. Many people will say that they just want lots of money to spend without any idea of what they want to do with it. Nalaman ko ang pangangailangan na dapat siguraduhin ang magandang kinabukasan ko at ng pamilya ko. But nevertheless, a very My uncle lent me this book. You know how much you spend regularly.

Many of them are deep in debt that if they suddenly die, their heirs might be left with so many problems instead of inheritance. The best method is to look at the map in the mall and locate your store and how to go there.

It brings how I spend my income and make my expenses into the right perspective. However, this may not be ideal when looking at the long term, if the parents are not able to save enough for the time when they can no longer work. If you have a timetable, you will not procrastinate because you know when you have to reach it. The book will not give you step by step formula but it will definitely give you idea on what are you doing wrong. Mabuhay at mapasainyo sana ang swerte.

Wealth Within Your Reach Pera Mo Palaguin Mo

If you did not, it is still not too late. Can you afford to live the lifestyle of your Parents?

Francisco J. ColaycoWealth Within Your Reach Pera Mo Palaguin Mo

We have been discussing savings, investment, insurance and other matters through the past fifteen years. Best for the financially-illiterate like me.