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Check the features you're sharing. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Now that the torrent has been created and you're seeding it, you'll need to distribute the torrent file to your friends. This will allow you to select what folders the user has access to.

Review the Apple ID you re using in the iTunes Store

Note that this method will technically make your shared files public. Modern internet applications make sharing music easier now than ever before. For more information on sharing music with Dropbox, live my life justin bieber mp3 click here. Select the folder that contains your music files.

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Send the link to your friends. Ask a Question Related Articles References. Once you've copied the link, you can send it to your friends via email or chat.

This will open the link-sharing window. Open your router's configuration page. This will open the FileZilla Options menu, where you'll be configuring your port settings.

4 Ways to Share Music - wikiHow

For more information on sharing files with Google Drive, click here. Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities. Have your friends download the file. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? After you're finished adding trackers, you can create and save the torrent file to your computer.

There are lots of options for doing this. These are lists of users that allow the torrent client to connect to people sharing the file. Multiple people can be connected at the same time using one account. Try these steps next If you still can't share, try these steps.

Make sure you save it to a location that you can easily find. Your friends will need torrent clients in order to connect to you. Chances are that you're connecting to the internet from behind a router. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Download and install a torrent client if you don't have one.

Review the Apple ID you re using in the iTunes Store

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Enter in a password that you want to use for the user you just created. Then ask your family members to review their settings too. This menu will allow you to set your port forwarding settings for FileZilla. Sharing music has been around since before the Internet was conceived.

Enter a range of ports in the port range. Add all of the songs you want to share to a single archive. This will help ensure that your friends will be able to play the files.

You'll need at least one tracker listed for others to connect to you. By default, FileZilla will start automatically when you log into Windows. Ask other users about this article. Ask your friends to keep seeding after they finish downloading so that you don't have to seed for everyone. Download and install the server software.

4 Ways to Share Music - wikiHow

You can create one user account and distribute the information to all of your friends. Click here for more details. If you have a group conversation, you can send the file to everyone in the group. Open the torrent creator in your torrent client.

You can quickly share single songs or your entire library of thousands of tracks. Collect all of the songs into a single folder, or into a single folder with multiple subfolders. Your server will need to be running in order for your friends to connect to it.

Uploading files is a snap for both Google Drive and Dropbox. You can log in or create an account at drive. If the connection gets interrupted, you'll be able to resume when you're both connected again. If a family member has hidden one of their items, no one in their family can see it. Select the directories you want to share.

Seed the file until your friends have it. Other users will need to know that the file is available, so the chances of other users joining in is slim, but it is possible. Then see if it says Yes or No in the Family Sharing section.

If you use Windows Firewall, you'll need to open the same ports in it as well. If too many people start downloading your file, you'll likely raise some eyebrows and action may be taken against your account. Is this article up to date?

Uploading a bunch of individual tracks can make downloading each one a hassle, and it also makes it more obvious what you are sharing. If you don't have your friends added, you'll want to add them before sending the file. Add your friends to your contact list if necessary. This will add the torrent to your client so that users with the torrent file can connect to you and begin downloading.