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Just about everything that is on the screen can be picked up and used as a weapon also. Despite its few flaws, Fighting Force delivers the fierce fun and beat-fools-silly action that PlayStation gamers are looking for. For example, if you beat on the cop car at the beginning of level one, a rocket launcher pops out of the trunk.

The game gives you four character choices, each with its own strengths, but ultimately it doesn't really matter which character you pick since you will end up doing the same things anyway. But don't get too excited about playing all these games at once. Play Now Download the full version. Just one click to download at full speed! Some stages-such as the wide-open sidewalk and city park areas-allow more exploration than others, but all levels allow full freedom of movement.

Fighting Force Free Download Full PC Game

Browse games Game Portals. If you're down with blasting bad guys and kicking fools in the head, then Fighting Force is just the violent fix you're looking for. Various files to help you run Fighting Force, apply patchs, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities. To be more specific, it was up to you to smash the hell out of everything.

If you have never played it, the object is the same as with Fighting Force. You can take the fight out into the road if you want, clambering onto the safety meridian and tossing villains into the paths of speeding cars.

Fighting Games For PC Free Download

You play as a good guy who is always being harassed by a gang of thugs. Pick it up and crash it down on your enemies. Since all of the objects can be interacted with, it is up to you to do so.

Fighting Force Game - Free Download Full Version For PC


It seems Fighting Force is right on track for an October release. The evil crime boss Doctor Zeng is using a new drug called Bio-thene to turn the nation's population into zombies. After playing for a bit, it does get easier but it never really becomes second nature.

The other thing I really did not like about this game was that it became repetitive. But why blast a baddie with a gun when you can chuck a car instead?

Download Fighting Force

Fighting Force Game - Free Download Full Version For PC

Throw objects offscreen to kill enemies coming at you. There were numerous occasions where I wanted to do something, but turned the wrong direction.

Fighting Force's levels are so interactive that whatever isn't nailed down can be used against enemies. It seemed like you were fighting the same guys over and over.

Fighting Force lets you choose from four different characters to play, each with their own unique attributes. Needless to say, forget about the boy sheet music originality is not one of Fighting Force's strong points. That brings me to the thing that sets this game apart from the older bit titles that share the same game style.

Unfortunately, the two-player game suffers from severe slowdown, and your fighters sometimes get stuck when they wander too far away from each other. You could do a lot worse than this game. It is the orientation that takes some time to get used to. When you get near the exit point of one stage, the computer takes over and runs your character to the next stage of battle.

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You will also find night sticks, grenades and pistols. Actually, the controls are easy enough.

Best of all, two players can fight alongside each other in true Final Fight form. Your job is to beat up these thugs by any means possible and progress farther into the level. If you and a friend just want to duke it out, there's a Battle Arena mode that resembles the two-player fight at the end of Die Hard Arcade. Story Line The evil crime boss Doctor Zeng is using a new drug called Bio-thene to turn the nation's population into zombies. Take it for a rumble if you have the guts to bash the bad guys and save the world.

Memories, memories, memories. You can either play alone or play with a friend to team up and whup some ass. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. Core has pushed forward Ninja's release date from August until later in the year so that Fighting Force and Swagman can have their time in the limelight. By the end of the game, you'll have battled through an office building, a submarine and a shopping mall flying fortress, among other locales.

You'll be able to punch, kick, pull an enemy's jacket down to lock his arms as you pummel him, shoot villains who are already down, and link up with another player to tag team fools. Needless to say, this takes almost all the enjoyment out of the game. Gunshots, groans, and the sounds of smacking fists add audio punch to each fight The music should've been hyped up more, though, to match the action on the screen.

Throwing tires, engines, trash cans and anything else you find will help keep you alive longer. Some of the moves are more devastating than others, but also take longer to pull off.

You command one of four characters as you battle through high rises, city streets, and more while throwing enemies, splitting skulls, and firing weapons like you was straight outta Compton. Pick it up and wait for someone to come attack you, and launch a missile at them. Most attacks are simple jab-jab-kick combos, but the characters have a few super moves and projectile attacks in their arsenal, too. If it looked like it was breakable, it probably was. You'll sometimes find added health that just might make a difference in the next round.

Once you reach the end of the level, you will see a count of the enemies you got and how much damage you inflicted, and then it is on to the next level. Also, you were able to interact with the backgrounds and environments by smashing buildings and other objects. You choose from four characters including a femme fatale and a vigilante freedom fighter for one- or two-player chaotic combat.

Zeng is rumored to be creating a weapon of apocalyptic proportions, one that will orbit the earth fueled with Biothene and destroy the world on his command. But if you're standing by a weapon and try to throw a punch, you'll be in trouble. If all goes well, this title could become a force to be reckoned with. He's also stolen a new energy source that increases Biothene's potency times and turns the drug into a powerful fuel.


The thing I liked most about this game was the freedom you had. Fighting Force might not be the most cerebral game, but if martial-arts mayhem and mad beat-downs are what you're after in a game, roll with Fighting Force for some pimp-slapping good times.