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Although, I lost touch with him, he was always with me because I listen to his velvet voice every day of my life. Talat Saab was one of those, who leave their footmarks on the sands of times.

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He has his own distinct, clear and sonorous style. Please update ur site timely so that no one can ever forget that precious person. Couple of fan letters addressed to him were not even acknowledged. Wi-fi gratuito, um grande tabu.

Singer like Talat Mahmood are born once in a million years and they are not replaceable. Legend Talat Mehmood has been my heartiest singer.

That's what I call being a saintly gentleman who willingly accepts pain for the pleasure of others. But i found no bangla songs there. This was one concert of his that I heard standing as I was late and the hall was packed to capacity. Jindey Ni Jindey Kamal Heer.

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The pictures, the descriptions, made me miss my family. There are two things I have been totally unable to understand and grasp so far in my life, they are old age and death. Expressing his regrets he had informed that since that was the private property of the A. If I ever loose it, I will be lost. Besides all of his singing and voice qualities, he looks very descent, calm and sober, elegant.

Your voice gives me peace of mind. May I ask you to once again give me a chance to record it. Obviamente, e falar sobe jogos.

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If you are ever in Detroit area I like you be my guest. That time, I did not understand the kind of magic he had in his throat. It has been very informative for a person like me who is from the present generation and never had the oppurtunity of listening to Talat live.

Thank you very much for starting this website. Khalid Bhai you have done a wonderful job of creating a fantastic site. As I love him I appreciate highly u and this site as well as.

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Talat had bought his first car and we used to take a ride in the car. Tadalafila Para Que Serve, e devem ser reparados imediatamente. Difficult to believe his overtone voice is so amazing and capture my heart.

You have taken lot of pain which is worth taking in creating this site. Met him personally in in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They loved him and he was responding to their love. Taare Taare - Guru Randhawa.

Punjabi Sad Songs

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With his Gazal Style tune which he brought into all the Hindi songs he sang, windows vista repair disc he made a tremendous impact in Hindi Film Songs. ButI want script for talat sahabs Songs so I can read that songs. Sujay and from all of his family. Can you tell me where I can get an audio of this song?

Please give them in next upload. May Allah give him eternal peace.

It is my greatest regret that I never met him in person. Paranday Paranday - Bilal Saeed. It has been seven years since Talat Sahib left us. But did Talat ever meet The Beatles while he was in England? Khalid, What a wonderful tribute to one of the greatest singers the sub-continent has ever known!

Thank you for making those two songs available. It was a wonderful experience. He felt Godsent He came twice thereafter. Talat songs and Talat will be alive in our heart forever.

You can't find this kind of people these day's. His voice is very beautiful. And, duet with Suman Kalyanpur?

The information of next uploading deserves and applaud. It was so soothing to the eyes to see Talatji and the other stars of golden days gone by. Second time I went and spoke.

Dil Di Diwangi - Feroz Khan. Unforgettable - Imran Khan. Isqhe Di Kahani - Attaullah Khan. Bewafa Unforgettable - Imran Khan. Please give rare songs as much as possible.

As I was watching the movie Dilip Kumar came on the screen and the voice of Talat Mahmood, the song was koi nahin mera is duniya men. Who can forget the following songs that made him immortalized in Hindi Film Songs. Club on the net maybe on this very site. The site is a great creation. Gaana Playlists Punjabi Sad Songs.

Have gone through almost all the pages on this site. You proved to be a worthy son of your loving father. Khalid sahab, you have taken trouble to create this superb site on your legendary father. God bless your family and Talatjis name should be there forever.

A Golden Voice - Talat Mahmood

Can u pls give me any clue where to get them as i wanted to add them in my library of talat sahab. Any Punjabi songs from Talat Sahib? If you are on a personal connection, assim como pela fidedignidade dos dados homologados.