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Again, they're trying to sell clothes, not make some statement about women. In other words, it's only a matter of time before you and I meet.

The article itself really has nothing to do with fashion. Lets not get things misconstrued. In your post where you indicate that many larger-framed women say no to having their photos taken, I have to say that I can see why they would decline. It would show them me, and others like me how anyone can look their own personal best. The fashion world is fascinating precisely because its standards are so uncompromising and exacting.

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To all you fat girls I'm one! Curvey or overweight people is just reality, its not desirable and it will never be. Just because she is normal, she isnt at all beautiful, and isn't in a good shape. Please don't hate me over this but i'm just going to say it.

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Now that our place on the planet must be based on sustainability, maybe we as a culture will venerate health, even in the haughty world of haute couture. But I think anyone calling this woman's size unhealthy is confused about body type and average weight. It's sad that this is considered so shocking. Maybe this is the moment to get away from the literal reading of ourshelves and let's conquer another, less determined imaginary spaces. We celebrate violence in our movies and tv, but nudity is taboo.

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To me, it fashion is an art piece, and the models are the rack, then they don't want curves. If I could see photos of fashions that flatter her figure and look good on her, I could get a better idea of what would also flatter my figure. And its that fantasy, microsoft office visio 2010 software that ridiculous idealism that makes fashion Fashion.

Is that the skin of an average woman? But even with my initial reaction to seeing thin models, I still feel many are far too thin. The thing that so many women's fashion magazines promote is not just ultra-thin, but ultra-youthful.

Please keep trying to take photographs of older and larger size women. There is definitely a lack of trust there, and like in any other relationship, rebuilding that trust is going to take some time. No way is this woman obese. Because we're talking about it.

But there are also guy's who want something different. In others I am the before picture in an ad for chin lipo.

All the more reasone to love my girlfriend, she looks great! We're slowly moving away from the waif shape now, with celebrities like Katy Perry and Pixie Geldof frequently making it into big name mags.

This model is stunning and is glowing. And the cut of clothes reflect that.

While models like Kate Moss are still at the top of their game, we now have more normal-looking girls popping up here and there, for example Lara Stone, an average size and a top model to boot. Sure, some of the women in this cohort are getting surgery and working out like demons, but most people don't want to or can't live that way. They probably thought no one would even notice it.

And lets be honest, this cover lady is beautiful and would look much more prettier without that saggy tommy. All that will do is alienate a population that will regard you as arrogant and elitist.

This photo doesn't mean anything to me in terms of fashion or the fashion industry. This won't change, whether or not some magazine decides to report on it. Yes it is a stupid, idealistic dream, and impossibility.

The Best of Midnight Haute on Vimeo

Fat is not healthy, and ultra-thin isn't healthy either. For women, style is no longer what we wear, it's the body we put the clothes on. They have been sincerely, I think, heading in this direction for as long as I can remember.

Perhaps we do need to revisit these earlier depictions to regain that appreciation of something more real. That being said, I wish they would focus more on health rather than on size.