In one of these camps was Dende

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There aren't any corpses, which must mean they were enslaved. Vegeta stepped in, and landed several blows to Guldo. Trunks came from behind and sliced off Guldo's head, ending his existence forever. Trunks was barely able to keep up with Guldo's moves, but Guldo was more powerful, and so was wearing down Trunks. There wasn't anything left of him when the smoke cleared.

You need to get your people out of here. Goku took a stance as Recoome's Scouter assessed the power levels of the good guys. Struggling to stand up, Goku made his way to Vegeta and Trunks. After about a solid hour of rounding the Namekians up, they were put into concentration camps.

The Ginyu force then charged at

He could be extremely formidable. Captain Ginyu came from behind a hut, chuckling to himself. Goku was getting over powered, so he decided to raise the ante. That's almost as powerful as you captain.

Guldo, you take Vegeta and purple hair. The Ginyu force then charged at the Nameks. Trunks and Vegeta flew in as well. He beat down Recoome with a series of punches and kicks, and then threw a full powered Kamehameha at the evil idiot.

Guldo you take Vegeta