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Dll reference not updating

Incidentally, there is another project, C, which project A references, and this is updated fine. Rebuilding the solution doesn't fix the problem either. So just checking the right thing has been fixed.

What can we do to get Visual Studio to reread the project file to get the proper dll references. Always reference the project - not the project output. It will run and compile just fine from that person's computer.

The only way the reference will get updated is if each member on the team who needs to run the project, checks out the project, deletes the reference from visual studio and then re-adds it. You can use the element in the application configuration file to specify subdirectories the runtime should search when locating an assembly. Hence, closing this issue. It seems to be completely ignoring what is in the project file. Even restarting does not correctly update the code completion model.

The only way

Can be fixed with a restart of Xamarin, but this is tedious of course. It is just inside of Visual Studio that the reference is wrong. However, as soon as I build project A, the date modified changes to a date in the past which corresponds to when project B was edited some time ago. In our case, using protobuf. Everything works just fine with WinForm applications, despite referencing the same dlls that are in the asp.

In the Namespace box, enter the namespace that you want to use for the reference. And I would have thought for external ones doing a manual Refresh on the reference would be sufficient. Adding references from an untrusted source may compromise security. As you have mentioned, when you compile the solution, Root of the bin folder is getting updated.

Things will not run and compile. The directories specified in privatePath must be subdirectories of the application base directory So in your case, modify the web. We have deleted files from the temporary cache locations, but the reference inside Visual Studio is still wrong. The following example shows how to specify directories the runtime should search. Confirm as shown in the screen shot below, where all binaries are copied when you compile.

It is only WebForm applications that is causing the problem. If Post-Build event commmand is set to copy Binaries, it will also be copied to the Path specified in Post-Build event command.

You can use the