The plot gets resolved another way

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Averted in the aptly named story A Dream. It features Chris Balleau's son talking about a dream he had where he met Magic Johnson. Played for Black Comedy when a man is randomly gunned down in a drive-by shooting and a first-time criminal decides to steal the dead man's wallet.

Asylum opens up with

Comedy Comedian Emo Phillips inverts this trope when he talks about a dream he had. You're still in the desert. Spawn has a bad dream last days. He tosses and turns, and is really tired, but just can't get to sleep, until he hears his mom's voice, and wakes up from his insomnia dream. Then the clues mount that he really is a superhero - only to discover that he was a failed military experiment and all of his memories of a heroic life were delusions.

After waking her

Bizarrogirl opens up with a battle between Supergirl and Superwoman. Her friends are trying to make her believe she's in Kansas while she's an amnesiac so that she doesn't become too stressed.

It takes all of five seconds for his Super-Hearing to act up again and remind him that it wasn't. The readers are aware the entire time that it is a dream.

Klavier is all too quick to reassure him. She freaks out and wonders why everybody knows her Secret Identity before waking up. After Donald runs off and leaves the museum however the Genie's voice is seen emanating from the urn in which he lives, proving that it really did happen. Turning into a teenage girl is too horrific.

After waking her up, they discuss how ridiculous the episode was, until it turns out to be Ranma's dream. Asylum opens up with Twilight Sparkle waking up in the titular asylum and being told that most of her life was just a dream, much to her horror.