No alarm shut-off is provided

Dating waterbury clocks

This clock is very interesting. Plus, you'll be able to fund your collection by doing repairs for others. This clock sounds the hour only, and does so on the same bell that is used for the alarm. This large dial wood cased clock was made in Japan by the Owari Clock Co tokei is Japanese for clock, hence the Owaritokei marking on the dial. When locked to the right, the alarm will not sound.

Below, early on left, late on right. The dial is a replacement dial with Arabic figures. These styles are well documented in clock books as to the years they were made.

The Baby Ben bears this resemblance much stronger than the Big Ben. Other than the case being loose in a few places and the side ornaments missing, this clock was in overall fine shape. Mantel and desk clocks were particularly popular, as were standing and wall clocks. Features a bim-bam hour and half-hour strike on four tuned rods.

When this is the case, look next to the label. The movements for these switches were probably not made by Reliance, but by one of the American clock companies.

The back of the clock has many holes from wall mounting and I used some to wall mount it. Several American manufacturers were using steel for their movement plates instead of brass during this period. It is an older clock and has all-wood whistle assemblies that make the cuckoo calls. Good customers of a clock company that bought in bulk could arrange to have their own name printed on the dial.

Below early on left late on

New Haven Black Mantle clock, circa This is a very nice original condition clock also made by New Haven Clock Co, and thus bears some similarities to the clock pictured above. Note the countwheel strike has a slot for hours and half-hours.

They are basically Mudge lever escapements, but instead of a solid verge holding the pallets, a brass arm holds individual pallets like a pin-pallet escapement. The dial looks rather interesting with the additional and useful seconds bit. The alarm bell shown in the photo of the back plate is not the correct bell.

The dial is a