An early Triumph chassis serial no

Dating vox ac15

Back in those days tubes were very abundant and were made more effectively, but after the digital boom they went out of production. Amps produced for Vox by Triumph Electronics do not have chassis numbers.

Even though the amp sounded brilliant the day I bought it, over the years I have modded the thing to really open it up and squeeze more tone out of it. But once the speaker broke in it really sang and I was more than satisfied with it. Good tubes also greatly improve dynamics, which enables you to hear tiny differences in picking attack.

The preamp tubes control the top boost overdrive while the poweramp tubes control the master volume. The last picture shows the final mod I performed, which was purely cosmetic and I figured i may as well do so something to really make the amp mine. Potentiometers were naturally bought in batches, each batch lasting several months.

Not the hallmark of a good reverb. The bright cap is a tiny capacitor on the circuit board which gives the amp way too much treble in my opinion, it made using my Electro Harmonix Big Muff in particular sound sharp and tinny. In all of these recordings the amp is post mod, with the Accutronics reverb tank and broken in Celestion Blue speaker.

Not the hallmark of aThe bright cap

The wah demos are taken from two jams we did that day, one quick one before the tube change and one long one after. Once I replaced the stock reverb with the Accutronics tank the difference was substantial. Around of these amps were made.