While driving down Sweet Hollow Rd

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On warm summer nights many people have reported hearing the creak of the wagon wheels. The ghost is said to be that of a middle aged dark haired woman.

Since then there have been doors that slam by themselves, odd noises, and many orbs have been caught on camera, especially in the gymnasium. They seem to here a weird voice here although no one has seen anything or anyone. It was moved more than seventy years ago to the center of Batavia because of a flooding problem. People have seen ghostly figures in really old military uniforms walking the hallways at night. The place is rumored to still be inhabited by the spirits of the dead.

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Originally posted for this haunting it was mentioned Bishops where buried here, this is untrue. It was said that when workers were laying the cement for the sub-basement a co-worker went mysteriously missing, his lunch and house keys were found but he wasn't. The next evening, a group of teenagers came to the field to hang out. The sound of smashing glass is heard when nothing is broken. Many stories throughout the years of supernatural activity.

Stricken with the grief of not only his wrongful conviction but also his untimely death his wife hung herself on a tree down Whiskey Hollow Road upon hearing the news of his death. Back in those days, mental patients were subject to unusual and cruel treatments. Students living on the fourth floor of Cheney reported a feeling of unease when viewing the mural - as if they were being scrutinized by Elizabeth's representation in the massive painting. Many psychics and paranormal investigators have documented such happenings.

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From washers running on their own with no electricity running through them to knocking on walls to footsteps going up and down the stairs with no one else in the cabin is a normal for up there. People have claimed that still today they can see that women and sometimes they see Red light or orbs floating around the spots she died. Workers hear noises at night and sometimes lights come off and on. On certain nights there's a window on the left side where you can see the shadow of a nun and the window beneath her you can see the shadow of her son. She drowned instantly, since she was unable to swim.

Workers report that a large dark shadow chased them. He's also scared a few people enough to never want to go down there alone or again but he has never harmed anyone. She had been intoxicated and leaned too far over the brass banister when she fell. Brewster - Jesus Tree - Tree was recently cut down because too many people were doing satanic rituals and gatherings in the fields behind the tree. Upon looking a second time though they would be gone.

People say they can see workers walking through the plant at night or can hear the mining cars going through the plant. Spirit has been felt standing behind people and in some cases breathing down their necks behind them or being lightly touched or pushed.