Because they will challenge you

Dating someone who is indecisive

Because they will never settle for anything. Sure feels like it anyway. In essence, she is telling you the qualities she feels will give her the best experience.

It's not fair for you

Imagine you made reservations at an expensive restaurant. They tend to be reactive and will reel you in on a whim and then flush you back out of their hot attention with a bump back to earth. Men have become weak and lazy yet women have become increasingly indecisive on what they want or expect from dating. When he kissed her, he held her confidently, kissed her deeply and left her feeling wanted. You can also end up internalising their anxiety.

This is not only a great experience, but also the seeds that add confusion for the woman hell-bent on a taller guy. My former co-workers, who were predominately women, talked so much about sex that it was more like smut than work. The trait I am talking about is being Indecisive. No need to look at one view. If someone is blowing up your phone more than they need to something is up.

Then you meet someone special

Speaking of conversation, making phone calls has become a dying art. In other words, cut it off. She told him he had to call her three times in one day every day. One can be quirky, another can be straight forward or overly jealous. Something you often hear is how a woman might think she wants a man who is taller than her because height equates to masculinity and protection.

When you ask a woman what she wants in a guy, her answer will vary depending on her age group. Be with someone who can be mature enough and decide to want to be with you.

Then you meet someone special. It's not fair for you to continue having to walk away week after week and still have no sense of closure. She is highly insensitive, lacks communication skills, and is plain rude. And round and round they go. Our relationship isn't progressing where I want it to and when I confront her about it, she says she is just confused.

Somehow she forgave him and then he flipped and flapped for another few years until she ran out of patience and sympathy and made up his mind for him by removing herself out of the equation. Because they will always have a good story behind their wishy-washy mind. Now, call me weird but I encourage people to date indecisive people.

The whole point of being on a date or dating is to create a social connection not to be others down or put people to sleep. Because they will see the good in everything. Their minds will make you drained but you know they are worth it. Women are horny just like men. Meanwhile since it seems some women nowadays are not sure what they want in the dating and relationship world, it may cause men to no longer see the value in the pickup.