He is also big on innocence

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We haven't really had the age talk because I think we both know the gap is a tad bit of a problem. He is also big on innocence. So there is always chance and risk in any relationships and things we do in life.

He's an adultAfter all what

Nothing done nothing gained, besides it would be an experience, and this guy has the money too to take you out in style. We really like each other, We share so many similar interests, we talk constantly, we listen to the exact same music, we get along so well, and we also both really respect each other. He knows where he is going, probably cos he is already there.

He's an adult, he has lots of things to deal with and lots of responsibility and I am still in my parents care. After all what ever ages we are none of us are perfect, but then that's what makes life fun. Oh well live and let live they will learn.

So any marriage is always at risk. But the way I look at this, in all marriages when couples are either similar ages or there are age gaps, marriage these days is a gamble, real hard work to make it work. That sounds pretty dramatic, I know.

Certainly will treat and respect you as a woman because he has more maturity. You will soon discover if he is good enough or not for you. That is a big age gap, i'm aware of that.