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We wrote a good post on choosing the right core competencies for your resume. Stay away from using too many complimentary adjectives about yourself. What Sections, Headers and Categories to Include on a Resume First, determine which information is likely to be most important to the employer.

When a recruiter could not immediately locate this information, they discarded the resume. Adding these few lines of contact information can give the hiring manager a better idea of who you are and how you work. Web Address You don't need a web address in your resume heading. You want your name to stand out, but not overwhelm or turn off the reader.

Make sure you use a professional-sounding email address. How to Head a Resume To head your resume, put the right contact info in the right order. If things go well, you will be meeting dates in real life and eventually your descriptions will be tested. The same principal applies here, make sure that your email address can be located in less than a second when glancing at your resume. Your name is the only way to tell your resume apart from hundreds of others.

Add your title to your name in smaller font. Make sure to personalize your LinkedIn link. In fact, the best resume examples do just that.

See our guide on LinkedIn profile fixes here. Essentially, you are marketing yourself to target the appropriate person. See the above example for a good idea on how to format the resume summary.

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Don't start your resume with the title Resume. Your Name Obviously, your name is going to go at the top of your resume. Avoid all the trouble of embellishing and be honest from the start. That means no PartyFuntimeBoyz yahoo. If you want to attract sporty women, use your headline to reflect your rugged and athletic side.

This can be in much smaller font, but should still be easily legible. Lots of people do that, but lots of people put corn on pizza, too.

It can be the same font size as your address, but should be just below or near your name. Same thing with a web developer or anyone else who has a tangible portfolio of work. You can even include unrelated experiences, as you never know what unique background an employer may be looking for.

This header is going to be more robust than the others as it serves as an overall introduction to the resume and provides some basic personal information about you. This resume letterhead's a great example of our builder's capabilities. Make sure your LinkedIn is updated and clean with a professional-looking, recent photograph. If that's taken, add a middle initial. LinkedIn Most hiring managers will check in on your LinkedIn profile so be sure to include it in your resume.