Later, Count Bleck and Dimentio

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The background of Lineland features floating mathematical equations consisting of random symbols and various Mario icons such as Fire Flowers and mushrooms. The Flipside Pit of Trials.

The Flipside PitThe background of Lineland features

His last sane order was that none of the defeated Cragons be killed, just held prisoner until they stop poisoning the water supply with their trash. Let me just dial in my phone number.

Even Count Bleck himself doesn't know quite what Dimentio is or where his true allegiances lie. Bowser obviously doesn't have to be forced to say the same. Bonechill, leader of the Skellobits who invaded the Overthere. The first time you meet King Sammer, he's real. Flopside is Flipside's dark counterpart, but it isn't evil either.

The Wii U -centric theories are this regarding MatPat's opinions on the console, although a more obvious example would be the sociopathic Mario theory. This series is similar to Mythbusters by having MatPat going on camera to test the episode's topics.