Crime afflicts its cities

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Obasanjo also says that rooting out corruption in all levels of government is one of his top priorities. It is also one of the world's most ethnically diverse countries, with more than distinct groups. Modern Nigerian authors are gaining international recognition.

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An infertile woman may have her abdomen cut open before burial or a blind man may have a salve made from special leaves placed over his eyes. At about people per square mile, it is also the most densely populated country in Africa. These students often stay abroad, where there are more opportunities to pursue their talents and to benefit economically.

Now is the time for us to play our role in the world. They should give us one of them.

Whether people eat with their hand or a utensil, it is considered dirty and rude to eat using the left hand. Lesser gods and deities act as contacts between humans and the supreme being. As a free member you can view the profiles of other members for free. But I give him the benefit of the doubt that we have the same thing in mind. Nigeria has the largest population of any African country.

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