Here is a very truthful equation

Dating game of numbers

The numbers game is a vehicle that shows us what we really want. Outside of conversation, body language is the other most important dating skill.

Dating is a skill, not about how many people you date along the way towards finding a lasting relationship. This concept is both liberating and frightening to the mainstream.

Not planned, and in this case, with no apparent effort on her part. The moment she was clear, her partner showed up. Assuming you have the fundamentals down, read my free ebook if you approach ten women, you will acquire at least one solid phone number. If you approach even more women, you will find more to sleep with you.

All that stuff comes with experience. Approach each and try to have an actual conversation with them. You get caught up in the trivial aspects, such as how many numbers you got in a single night or only approaching blondes or brunettes for the night. By sending out opposing messages, she was caught in a holding pattern. In theory you could keep approaching women and build yourself a harem, should you so desire such drama.

These are very, very realistic odds. Some of them are still highly addicted to picking up new women. My counter argument is this.

Approach each and tryAll that stuff comes with experience