He was arrested on Sunday

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No one knows what happened between the cops and Pletnikoff. Even a week after the incident, she said, he had not slept through an entire night. So the Kodiak Public Broadcasting Corporation has decided to file a lawsuit against the city. In the sickening video, Wheeler stands over the cowering boy, punching him in the head and cursing at him, as several others stand by, laughing and taunting the victim. Police in Okeechobee said Andrew Wheeler attacked the year-old victim at a house party on Aug.

Prattville Mayor Bill Gillespie is on the record as saying everything is on the table including adding security cameras at the park. Nick Pletnikoff has lived on Steller Avenue most of his life. The family had to hire an autism specialist to help Pletnikoff recuperate. Prattville police have arrested one juvenile, and they're looking for two more. He is now recovering from his injuries with his heartbroken mum, Dana English, by his side - as police investigate the alleged attack last Wednesday.

The campaign has attracted the attention of tens of thousands, including celebrities like Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. The police department, the family says, have been extremely uncooperative. After walking outside to answer his phone, Wheeler went back inside and said he was told that the teen was punching and pushing another person. Wheeler said the autistic boy pushed and punched another partygoer and, when he stepped him, the teen took a swing at him.

The authorities are determined not to reveal the details and have even denied a Freedom of Information Act request, seeking the release of public documents relating to the incident. She added that Pletnikoff was weeping at the time. Martin declined to identify her son but said he suffered a bloody nose, bruises on his face and a dose of embarrassment. Video of the incident was posted to Facebook. He would really struggle to answer your questions.

Wheeler was tagged

Outrage over the video spread quickly and sprouted the Facebook group and hashtag JusticeForAaron. Wheeler claims when he attempted to take the teen outside he tried to strike Wheeler.

The caller had stated someone was attempting to pinch an item from a car parked along Steller Avenue. At one point Wheeler drags Hill by his hair across the floor. The boy later told police Wheeler held a knife to his throat and choked him.

Police said a parent, Evadean Lydecker Bailey, was home at the time of the attack. According to him, the three cops probably slammed him to the ground and used the pepper spray on him and it is more than likely that they did not have a valid reason to do so.

All that we can go by

Prattville police say the park will remain closed until they determine how to better monitor the park in the future. Judy says they had his identity card and could see that he lived on Steller Avenue. He says he drove to the residence and went inside to take that person home. Evadean Lydecker Dailey was also arrested in connection with the party. Last week, he underwent an operation to repair a cut to his eye at Seattle's Harborview Medical Center, where he was joined by a worried Dana.

All that we can go by is what the officers told Judy. Wheeler was tagged in it, cops said. Once near the creek, Martin said her son was struck by three people. The group told Martin's son they wanted to talk to him by the creek to settle an issue they had dating back to April.

It turned out to be a ruse. He was arrested on Sunday. So, the Pletnikoffs decided to retain Kodiak defense lawyer Josh Fitzgerald. In a statement to police, Hill said Wheeler choked him for so long that he passed out and, when he came to, Wheeler was pummeling him. Around the same time police were responding to a request.