Dating armand marseille dolls

Dating armand marseille dolls

However, the two companies split in and both continued operations on their own for a few decades more. Some had painted eyes, but most were made using glass eyes.

Almost all of their dolls were properly marked, but it is possible that some marks have either faded or are not easy to see. To this point and as many collectors know, Armand Marseille produced only the head of these dolls, in Bisque. Germany was the most prolific producer and the Thuringia region of the former East Germany supported nearly manufacturers at the industry's peak around the turn of the century.

Appraising Armand Marseille dolls is a

It is very rare to find any Armand Marseille dolls that are unmarked and one should be very skeptical of such specimens.

The founder by the same name

Examples of related items from our Price Guides. By all Jumeau dolls carried the firm's trademarked name. These often bear maker's marks which help with identification and dating. Armand Marseille was the most prolific of all German doll makers. In general, the larger the size and the rarer the Mold Number, the higher they appraise.

Appraising Armand Marseille dolls is a bit tricky as a lot depends on condition and authenticity. The founder, by the same name, came to Germany from Russia around midthC. At times, they also include the maker's marks of the company that produced the body they are attached to. These are from our Antiques Price Guides.