Not that much has changed

Dating advice for women circa 1950

Women had to persuade potential partners into marriage since it was understood that women benefited more from matrimony. The women in the organization took her to the beauty salon and sewed her new clothes.

Marriage as a Career For starters, marriage counselors encouraged women to think of marriage as a fulfilling career. Experts also had ideas on how to deal with physical abuse in a marriage. Couples Therapy When most couples attended marriage counseling, they actually saw the counselor separately. In reality, according to Celello, many husbands did value their relationships and were willing to work on them. Apparently, according to Starr, the problem was that the woman looked decades older, wore dowdy clothes and had stringy hair.

Books on how to get a guy to marry you still exist today. Take marriage expert Paul Popenoe, for example. She laid out a variety of suggestions and cited personal examples. Celello cites self-made millionaire R. We have found in our experience, that when a husband leaves his home, he may be seeking refuge from an unpleasant environment.

Take marriage expert Paul Popenoe for

For instance, experts suggested that wives consider whatever they were doing or not doing to cause their husbands to cheat. We employers realize how often the wrong wife can break the right man. Again, it was all about what the woman could do to save the marriage. Fixing their behavior could bring their husbands back home.

Interestingly enough, it was started by an attorney named Samuel M. Skyrocketing rates sent many couples to seek expert advice to bolster their marriages. It began when she started searching for her mate. In essence, women had to work for their proposal, as the author of How to Make Him Propose described it. Not that much has changed.

When hiring or promoting an employee, companies supposedly considered his wife. After that, the story goes that the husband stopped seeing his mistress and came home.

Books on how to