You will be the smart one

Dating a hot dumb girl

Dating someone because he makes

No one expects anything from her. We prefer intelligence, but we crave sex. It just so happens that when a woman is in great physical shape, skinny and healthy guys are more attracted to her. She still thinks those great emotions like love and happiness and wonder exist. No one has standards for the dumb one.

She probably is a master at solving variable equations now. You will actually know this time around that when you get into an argument, you will be right. No one really changes anyone, and certainly not through a short term relationship based on superficial attraction.

Dating someone because he makes a lot of money, or has a lot of professional prestige, if that means that you always come second, is a dumb choice. There are absolutely no standards. She has an impressive amount of confidence.

There are absolutely

When guys are out on the Las Vegas Strip, given the choice between an intelligent fat girl and a dumb hot girl, we will pick the dumb hot girl every time. Everyone wants someone who has a good job, something they enjoy and are passionate about and that earns them a decent living. If you date someone that your best friend used to date, that is your fault unless it is something that she is totally, percent okay with, because she is no longer invested in the situation at all. In our list of priorities, we have to actually want to have sex with you before we even consider your intelligence.

No one thinks she can do anything correctly, so when she does, everyone is impressed. She also probably still believes that she will marry her best friend, and when she says I love you, everyone will say it back to her and mean it. Show us through your looks that you are worthy of approach. She gets to take classes several times.