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Naomi then finds out about their feelings for each other, and she decides to end her friendship with Addison. However, Eli - angry at being blamed for Sam's actions - arrived and blasted Sam for ruining Olena's life, before revealing that Zak had already told Olena to leave, or he'd have her deported. Eli reluctantly agreed, but decided that Olena was genuine and convinced Zak to let Sam make his own choices. Eventually, she became so weak that she was unable to hold Samson so, at Alice's request, Sam got morphine from Eli and gave Alice an overdose, ending her life. Out of panic, she proposes to Sam.

Shortly afterwards, Daz's girlfriend, Penny, left vodka lying around and Samson drank it. Sam urges Addison to tell Naomi about them, which she does, and she doesn't take the news well. The information we request includes, but is not limited to, your name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, age, and demographic information. Zak became increasingly irritated by Olena's presence so she moved back in with Eli and Marlon.

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They eventually began dating after the birth of her son, Archie. Meanwhile, Olena and Eli were becoming closer and, seeing them having a laugh together, Sam was jealous. Pollard tried to get Sam to tell him where the money really came from, but Sam was acting shiftily and lied. Lisa tried to warn him off, but Sam ignored her, hoping he might have a chance.

Olena turned him down, but seeing his upset, she qualified it by saying that she did not have the right papers and would just be deported. Sam was devastated, so when Olena told him that she was upset because she missed her son, he decided to propose. Andy was left in no doubt if he touched Sam again, he'd be fighting Zak. He was devastated and reported her to Border Control, then watched as she was arrested and taken away.

They eventually began dating after the