The user will notice now that the unequally loaded solution will be used for multiple cables per phase, and that a reference circuit now needs to be specified. Now, the actual value of the covering is used.


Larger reductions are expected when there is more than one metallic duct and the separation between ducts is large. Then they are saved like any other installation parameter in the execution. Excel report now support any accents link French characters, Spanish characters, etc that are used in the study title of the execution.

The results would be more accurate now. The load curve was not considered. Any mouse, monitor and printer or plotter supported by Windows. Therefore the cyclic loading results are expected to change.

This affects the pipe type installations. Short-Circuit Cable Rating. Please revise and correct any executions using these variables. Correction for the calculation of the tunnel air thermal resistance. The effect on the results is small but is correct.

The ampacity was on the optimist side. The cable diameter is compared with the conductor area. Three phase circuits with same phase trefoil Single phase same phase trefoil Trefoils with the possibility to permute phases.

The temperature of cables will be closer to the target values and some cases that previously did not converged will now converge. Power Cable Ampacity Rating. Correction of a problem displaying the conductor area in the cross section drawing.

EXCEL report is available both in French and in English. Language

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Related Products and Accessories. The only exception is when the circuits are multiple cables per phase. The optimizer works for multiple cables per phase. Labels are shown directly in the installation displaying the computed steadystate temperature and ampacity.


Before this release phase A was at the center. The duct bank optimizer now works with fixed ampacity circuits. These changes affect the steady state ampacity as well, but only for solidly bonded cables. Contact sales department for more information. Temperature analysis given time and ampacity.

Sequence impedance calculations are not supported for cables installations with magnetic materials. Further editing of the installation showed the cables outside of the duct bank.

Added a new validation check to prevent the installation of multiple cables per phase with trefoils for cables in air since the calculation is not supported. New Add-on module added to support cables in Unfilled troughs. An approximate temperature field distribution has been added to the installation graphic.

One more decimal has been added to the X - coordinates appearing on the graphical output of the installation. Pipe type cables were wrongly located when creating the input file for the engine even though they show properly located on the screen. Correction of a ranking problem with the duct bank optimizer. They are all considered multiple cables per phase.

Manuel Octavio Penroz Celis. To check cables which fit in standard ductbank, more precise comparison of the percentage of duct fill versus cables size by adding one more comparison with the conductor area of the cable. Before the standards suggests to use an approximate equation, however for some cases this approximation is not good.


It now represents the combined thermal resistance of the polyethylene. The more parallel cables per phase the larger the differences will be. Be careful in the future when deleting items from your data.

Power Cable Ampacity Rating

In the cable library, the conductor area of some secondary cables has been modified to be in accordance with the conductor diameter. Add in the cable editor extra information about the magnitude of the resistivity for all custom materials. This facility can be used to modify existing cables data and enrich the cable library with new ones. Wrong calculation was done before. Correction of a bug for an installation using moisture migration option with three-core cable using fillers.

CymcapPower Cable Ampacity Rating

The only except are simulations that run to very high temperatures over C. Therefore, in this updated version, the sequence impedance calculations are disabled for cable installations with magnetic materials armor, pipe, duct.

The correct number of cables is now displayed. It runs faster and the progress bar has been modified.

Ducts in trefoil are now avalaible for non-standard duct banks. The users who have already acquired the unfilled trough module, can continue with the original approach. Correction of a problem affecting multiple casing add-on module. This problem only affected installations with several cables and when pipe type cables were not entered at the beginning.

The copy tag function has been corrected to properly copy Heat Source items in the library to another working directory. The user should bring the mouse cursor over the list of layers and do a right click to open the menu. The number of armor wires was not transmitted properly to the appropriate subroutine. The convergence method has been improved. Correction of a problem with user defines spacing sections in the engine.

Cymcap data will be stored now in one file named CymcapData. The file resides into the folder where Cymcap application has been installed on your machine. Correction of a problem with Short-circuit module not working when the user launch Cymcap program from a server machine and enters via a loggin dialog which is manage by CymAdmin. Now the user can select symmetrical or asymmetrical dimension for the distance to the duct bank edges left, right, top, album nasha by kumar sanu bottom.