Avoid walking alone after dark

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Its a big enough city where you can find things to do and there are also a ton of things to do in the area. The other major thing that I considered is the economic situation in the country. Bag snatching is common, so make sure you carry your bag facing away from the street and preferably always close to you.

Avoid isolated locations and traveling alone after dark. This shows you are interested but not desperate. Argenhots love attention, but hate being smothered. This not only can be emotionally devastating to an Argenhot, but it's being dishonest with yourself.

That's some heavy shit, so be gentle. If you are from anywhere outside of Latin America, Africa, or Asia, you are.

That's some heavy shit so be

Tell them their friends are hot and most likely they are. It's also a major reason for their irrational emotional outbursts and short-term bouts with psychosis.