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In ancient times, this settlement would have housed hundreds of people, making it the largest Neolithic village ever found in Britain. Stonehenge was a memorial and final resting place for some of the dead. The researchers have excavated eight houses in total at Durrington.

Luego adquirieron colonias en el territorio los holandeses. Fueron guiados en su conquista por Dyaus, el Padre Celestial equivalente al Zeus de los griegos y que es el Dios Universal de los aryanos. Ya a mediados del primer milenio antes de cristo la rigidez del Karma comenzaba a chocar con los cambios que se producen con el tiempo y el desarrollo social.

Stonehenge is aligned with the midwinter solstice sunset, while Durrington's timber circle is aligned with the midwinter solstice sunrise - they were complementary. In fact, they think there could have been at least one hundred houses. Both henges line up with events in the astronomical calendar - but not the same ones.

It's what we call a feasting assemblage. But Mike Parker Pearson and his colleagues are confident of a link. Todo indica que los Aryas eran pueblos guerreros y que pelearon entre ellos y con los vecinos. He believes it drew Neolithic people from all over the region, who came for massive feasts in the midwinter, where prodigious quantities of food were consumed.

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It was discovered in - long before any houses. The bones were then tossed on the floors of the houses. Quedan aun restos de obras menores como pozos y canales hechos con ladrillos.